WorldWater Headlines:
WorldWater Solar develops, designs and builds integrated solar platforms to provide clean water and power across the globe.


WorldWater and Egyptian partner KarmSolar have designed, engineered and executed a pilot project for two off-grid solar water pumping irrigation systems in Egypt. After the success of the pilot program, KarmSolar has installed seven more of our VariMax™ systems.

Additionally, two (2) of WorldWater’s Mobile MaxPure® systems were installed in Afghanistan as part of a USAID project.

In Development

WorldWater is continually expanding and creating new sustainable and economical tools for agribusiness, water management, security, development and other applications.

It is a premier developer of products for the United States Department of Defense and other government agencies.

Mobile MaxPure® in Action

The Mobile Max™ stand-alone solar products provide clean energy from the rays of the sun and are operational within 30 minutes after arriving on-site.

This energy can be used to pump, purify and desalinate water, run lights, provide power and run communications modules.