WorldWater & Solar Technologies develops, designs and builds integrated solar platforms to provide water and power.

Our team has a global track record of success with grid-connected and off-grid solar water pumping projects and stand-alone solar infrastructure to pump, purify and desalinate water.

Solar Projects

Cerro Cosso Solar

WorldWater’s principals and engineers have a proven track record of design and build success with solar platforms for agribusiness, water management and other commercial/industrial applications.

We have developed a portfolio of patents on power management and interconnection technology that enables solar energy to drive pumps and motors up to 1000 horsepower. These systems can operate off-grid or in conjunction with the grid or diesel generation.

WorldWater has provided its unique solar pumping expertise to farms, ranches, dairies and public water agencies across the United States and abroad.
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Stand-Alone Infrastructure

Stand-Alone Infrastructure for Defense & Security
WorldWater designs and builds stand-alone solar infrastructure to deliver clean water and reliable power where traditional sources are unavailable or compromised, too expensive or environmentally unfriendly.

Our fully integrated, mobile solar platforms bring water pumping and purification solutions to diverse applications, including agriculture, development and security.
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Global Support Services

With a history of successful project implementation around the world, WorldWater offers a range of full-scale project management, engineering and design services, systems integration and water and power advisory services.
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In Development

WorldWater engages in continuous improvement and development of new technology to facilitate an ever increasing demand for its proprietary, high-powered solar technology and water pumping solutions.
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WWST's engineer, Gunter, kicks around with KarmSolar

Our Clients

We are pleased to join with the City of Rahway in this undertaking to add to our own efforts of supplying immediate clean drinking water to the Haitian people. Their need demands all of the resources we can supply.

Robert Iacullo
President, United Water

CGI Middle East & Africa Commitment to Action