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The utilization of solar power provides reliable and economical solutions to drive large-scale and small-scale irrigation. By employing WorldWater’s proprietary technology and solar power, agribusinesses, farms and ranches will realize cost savings when compared to grid and diesel-fueled systems. Agribusiness WorldWater’s proprietary VariMaxTM solar technology decreases electricity budgets, increases reliability and drives overall efficiencies for […]

WorldWater’s stand-alone solar infrastructure delivers clean water and reliable power where traditional sources are not readily available. The Mobile MaxPure® delivers clean drinking water and power to remote areas and villages that have little or no access to traditional infrastructure. The Mobile MaxPure® provides immediate water and power to those who need it most at […]

WorldWater has a proven track record of design and build success with large-scale solar platforms for commercial applications and water agencies. WorldWater’s executives and engineers have designed and build grid-connected, off-grid and hybrid systems, including the world’s largest airport solar installation (August 2008) at Denver International Airport in Colorado (2 MW), Valley Center Municipal Water […]

Stand-Alone solar platforms to provide water, clean power and satellite communications are ready to be introduced and deployed. Water is the first requirement to sustain the soldier. There are no legacy systems to provide (pump and purify) water that are stand-alone and leave no footprint. WorldWater’s systems are field tested and have quickly established a […]

WorldWater’s stand-alone infrastructure is pre-deployable for the provision of critical needs and reduces the logistical burden of requiring a constant supply of bottled water and fuel. The systems are easily transportable by truck, helicopter or boat. WorldWater’s transportable solar platforms deliver clean water, reliable power and satellite communications where alternate sources are not readily available […]

The Mobile MaxPure® is a self-sustaining system when alternate sources of water, power and communications are not readily available or the local infrastructure is compromised. These systems are pre-deployable infrastructure for the provision critical needs and reduce the logistical burden of requiring a constant supply of bottled water and fuel. Areas subject to intermittent power […]

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...With those strikes against the local Iraqi, we are helping by providing units like [Mobile MaxPure].

Shaun M. Doheney
Captain, Company Commander, U.S. Marines

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