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WORLDWATER & SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES AND GAMESA OF SPAIN DONATE TWO SOLAR WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEMS TO DEVASTATED AREAS OF JAPAN  Mobile MaxPure® Units – One Reverse Osmosis System to Clear Radiation for Drinking Water and One Freshwater System to Purify Polluted Water for Drinking – To Be Air Shipped This Week  from WorldWater’s Princeton Headquarters  Princeton NJ, […]

WorldWater’s thoughts and well wishes are with the people of Japan and other nations affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami that caused great damage and loss of life in that region of the world. With your help, we hope to send Mobile MaxPure systems to Japan to help provide clean drinking water to the […]

Solar Soldier: news story about Iraqi training of MMP.

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Now, rather than viewing the water filters as an NGO-owned and operated initiative, the local
government officials have taken ownership of the project, and are taking responsibility for the long-term use and success of the filters.

Kyle Adams
Public Relations, Humanitarian International Services Group

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