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Orphans, staff and volunteers at an orphanage in Bon Repos finally have clean water.  The MMP system purchased by United Water and Rahway, NJ has successfully been installed and is working effectively.  There are plans to extend the positive impact of this system by funneling clean water from the orphanage in to the neighboring villages […]

On March 8 WorldWater VP for Operations, Michael Ingles, arrived in Haiti.  He will be in Bon Repos installing a Mobile MaxPure system which will provide the people with 30,000 gallons of clean water every day, and will also provide a reliable source of renewable electricity.  Bon Repos is near the epicenter of the earthquake […]

This past weekend the Mobile MaxPure system sponsored by United Water and Rahway, NJ arrived in Haiti.  After several days of working tirelessly through import and aid paperwork the system was offloaded from the Sea Hunter Vessel on to a small wooden craft by local Haitians in Les Cayes and transported to land. The people […]

A recent UN News Service report on Haiti states: “Respiratory infections are the main cause of illness, followed by trauma, injury, diarrhea and suspected malaria cases.” Diarrhea and malaria are just a few diseases transmitted by unclean water.  The Mobile MaxPure can provide up to 30,000 gallons of clean water every day for drinking, cooking, bathing and […]

News 12 New Jersey will be airing a story tonight (February 19, 2010) about WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc. with particular emphasis on the work of our Foundation and the WorldWater for Haiti Campaign.  In addition to the story, there is a plan to link the News 12 New Jersey website to our Foundation website to […]

WorldWater’s non-profit campaign “WorldWater for Haiti” has been cited by Mercer County as an approved charity, along with the American Red Cross, Oxfam and select others.  Additionally, the US Chamber of Commerce has included WorldWater as a Business Civic Leader and have included WorldWater for Haiti’s efforts on their Business Corporate Donations page.   To learn more please see: […]

During the last weekend in January, just a few weeks after the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti, the “WorldWater for Haiti” campaign went to Miami to demonstrate the Mobile MaxPure [MMP] system and raise funds to send the life-saving MMP technology to Haiti.  In advance of the event we were touched by the generosity of […]

WorldWater & Solar Technologies’ “WorldWater for Haiti” campaign sent replacement water filters to Port-au-Prince to support the operation of the Mobile MaxPure, which has been providing clean water- using only the energy from the sun- since just days after the earthquake.  WorldWater recieved confirmation that the filters were delivered by the Haitian Consulate General based […]

Interest in the Mobile MaxPure continues to grow as the situation in Haiti illustrates the lifesaving importance of clean water in the wake of the earthquake.  The availability of clean water is essential not only for hydration, but also for hygiene and the cleaning of wounds to prevent deadly infection. In response to this urgent […]

Leaving Miami on a chartered aid flight (many thanks to the generous assistance of the Haiti Relief Task Force in Miami), WorldWater has shipped a re-supply order of filters to support the continued operation of the Mobile MaxPure units in Haiti. The Mobile MaxPure system in Port au Prince (PAP) is providing the main International […]

President Bill Clinton at CGI 2010 mentions WWST and MobileMax

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