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Two (2) of WorldWater’s Mobile MaxPure® systems are being installed in Afghanistan as part of USAID’s Regional Afghan Program for Urban Populations/South (RAMP-UP/SOUTH) Project. RAMP-UP South works with six provincial capitals in southern Afghanistan to improve municipal government capacity, service delivery, economic development, and revenue generation through public-private partnerships that support local financial independence and […]

Within one month of the earthquake that rattled the country of Japan in March 2011, WorldWater and Gamesa (Spain) airlifted two (2) Mobile MaxPure® solar powered water purification systems to the people in the villages near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. One of the Mobile MaxPure® systems will be used to screen radiation from the […]

WorldWater has been active in Haiti for several years, including before and after the January 2010 earthquake. Currently, there are six (6) Mobile MaxPure® solar powered water purification systems operating in the island nation of Haiti. In 2008, WorldWater worked with the Food for the Poor and other NGOs to send two (2) Mobile MaxPure® […]

Displaced persons living in camps all over the world suffer from lack of basic necessities, as do many people in less developed nations. According to the World Health Organization, a child under 5 years old dies every 6 seconds due to lack of access to clean drinking water. As part of a project in 2009, […]

Due to the endemic lack of power and potable water in many parts of Iraq, the US Military Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) sought to provide a sustainable and easy to use source of clean water and power for local Iraqis. They identified the WorldWater solar powered water purification system, or Mobile MaxPure® (MMP), as the […]

As images depicting the disaster inflicted along the Gulf Coast of the United States began to appear on the news, WorldWater & Solar Technologies began to imagine a way to leverage our technological capabilities to bring relief to the residents, Emergency Responders and volunteers in the afflicted areas. This is how and when the prototype […]

NJ Media: Mobile MaxPure® in Haiti

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