Emerald Planet: women as water handlers, water statistics and how our team is a cut above the rest.

Carolyn Kelly Colella, Founder and Executive Director of GlobeWater & Solar Technologies, a women’s owned LLC and Quentin Kelly, CEO of WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc., speak with Dr. Samuel Hancock, Host of The Emerald Planet, on how “Women are the Water Handlers of the World” and how our technologies can help reduce the burden on women for finding and delivering water when caring for their families. Mickey Ingles, VP Operations, explains how GWST/WWST are a cut above the rest due to its STAFFING. Check out the Emerald Planet interview!




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The Mobile Max Pure systems from World Water [are] doing the impossible in Sudan; saving lives and bringing hope to broken communities.

Kyle Adams
Public Relations, Humanitarian International Services Group

CGI Middle East & Africa Commitment to Action