FEMA: America’s PrepareAthon is April 30. Get Ready. Get Prepared.

The Department of Homeland Security is presenting America’s PrepareAthon on April 30 to engage and inform communities about disaster preparedness. Here are tip sheets to aid in preparing for specific types of disasters we face:


PrepareAthon 1 – Active Shooter

PrepareAthon 2 – Tornado(1)

PrepareAthon 3 – Wildfire(1)

PrepareAthon 4 – Hurricane – Flood(1)

PrepareAthon 5 – Extreme Heat(1)

PrepareAthon 6 – Pet Preparedness





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Now, rather than viewing the water filters as an NGO-owned and operated initiative, the local
government officials have taken ownership of the project, and are taking responsibility for the long-term use and success of the filters.

Kyle Adams
Public Relations, Humanitarian International Services Group

CGI Middle East & Africa Commitment to Action