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WorldWater designed, supplied and installed a 52 kW solar array with its proprietary VariMaxTM pumping technology. The system is used for testing purposes and to teach students about solar electricity.

WorldWater completed the design, engineering and supply of roof-top, ground-mount and covered parking structure solar arrays for the facility’s 500 kW system. The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA), a wastewater treatment plant located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, has become a showcase for renewable energy. “We are rapidly nearing our goals of installing and utilizing […]

WorldWater’s patented VariMaxTM technology utilizes the power of the sun to drive a 200 hP pump at the Cocopah Nursery in Borrego Springs, CA. It was WorldWater’s second such commercial installation – the largest of its kind. In addition to driving the irrigation pump, the system is expected to cut the farm’s electrical bills by […]

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Located in the San Jacinto Mountains near Palm Springs, the Idyllwild Water District (IWD) provides approximately 100 million gallons of water per year to its customers over a 2,500 acre service area. The facilities operated by the IWD include 23 wells, a water treatment plant, a storage and distribution system, a wastewater treatment plant and […]

As images depicting the disaster inflicted along the Gulf Coast of the United States began to appear on the news, WorldWater & Solar Technologies began to imagine a way to leverage our technological capabilities to bring relief to the residents, Emergency Responders and volunteers in the afflicted areas. This is how and when the prototype […]

In September 2004, WorldWater completed the installation of the worlds largest solar-powered irrigation system. Seley Ranches is nestled between the Santa Rosa and Palomar Mountains in San Diego County – a premium grower of citrus fruit, known for its trademark “Seley Red” grapefruit. WorldWater’s installation of the 267 kW PV VariMax™ system is capable of […]

Completed in June 2004, this project represented the largest PV array ever constructed on a U.S. community college campus (1.1 MW). The ground-mounted array spans 6 ½ acres, creating a veritable field of energy which was expected to supply the school with 50 to 60% of its total electrical requirements, while reducing overall energy consumption. […]

As a precursor to the Mobile Max™ systems currently supplied by WorldWater, our staff traveled to the village of Ronda in The Philippines to design and install a solar powered water pumping system. This system was designed specifically for the wells available, and used solar power to provide the energy to the pump using our […]

WorldWater sized the solar power system (119 kW) to offset the on-site electrical usage charges for the compressor and other equipment. The Lehr Brothers run a food processing facility near Bakersfield, CA. The Lehr solar hydracooler system operates a 350 hP compressor. The installation was completed in March, 2003. “WorldWater is saving us over $30,000 […]

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We are pleased to join with the City of Rahway in this undertaking to add to our own efforts of supplying immediate clean drinking water to the Haitian people. Their need demands all of the resources we can supply.

Robert Iacullo
President, United Water