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Located in the San Jacinto Mountains near Palm Springs, the Idyllwild Water District (IWD) provides approximately 100 million gallons of water per year to its customers over a 2,500 acre service area. The facilities operated by the IWD include 23 wells, a water treatment plant, a storage and distribution system, a wastewater treatment plant and […]

As images depicting the disaster inflicted along the Gulf Coast of the United States began to appear on the news, WorldWater & Solar Technologies began to imagine a way to leverage our technological capabilities to bring relief to the residents, Emergency Responders and volunteers in the afflicted areas. This is how and when the prototype […]

In September 2004, WorldWater completed the installation of the worlds largest solar-powered irrigation system. Seley Ranches is nestled between the Santa Rosa and Palomar Mountains in San Diego County – a premium grower of citrus fruit, known for its trademark “Seley Red” grapefruit. WorldWater’s installation of the 267 kW PV VariMax™ system is capable of […]

Completed in June 2004, this project represented the largest PV array ever constructed on a U.S. community college campus (1.1 MW). The ground-mounted array spans 6 ½ acres, creating a veritable field of energy which was expected to supply the school with 50 to 60% of its total electrical requirements, while reducing overall energy consumption. […]

As a precursor to the Mobile Max™ systems currently supplied by WorldWater, our staff traveled to the village of Ronda in The Philippines to design and install a solar powered water pumping system. This system was designed specifically for the wells available, and used solar power to provide the energy to the pump using our […]

WorldWater sized the solar power system (119 kW) to offset the on-site electrical usage charges for the compressor and other equipment. The Lehr Brothers run a food processing facility near Bakersfield, CA. The Lehr solar hydracooler system operates a 350 hP compressor. The installation was completed in March, 2003. “WorldWater is saving us over $30,000 […]

The Locke’s VariMax™ system supplies power to run a 50 hP irrigation pump and a 10 hP well pump. The Locke family runs a high-end cotton operation in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. The VariMax™ system is also tied to the electrical supply for the shop and main residence. The installation was completed in December, […]

The utilization of solar power provides reliable and economical solutions to drive large-scale and small-scale irrigation. By employing WorldWater’s proprietary technology and solar power, agribusinesses, farms and ranches will realize cost savings when compared to grid and diesel-fueled systems. Agribusiness WorldWater’s proprietary VariMaxTM solar technology decreases electricity budgets, increases reliability and drives overall efficiencies for […]

WorldWater’s stand-alone solar infrastructure delivers clean water and reliable power where traditional sources are not readily available. The Mobile MaxPure® delivers clean drinking water and power to remote areas and villages that have little or no access to traditional infrastructure. The Mobile MaxPure® provides immediate water and power to those who need it most at […]

WorldWater has a proven track record of design and build success with large-scale solar platforms for commercial applications and water agencies. WorldWater’s executives and engineers have designed and build grid-connected, off-grid and hybrid systems, including the world’s largest airport solar installation (August 2008) at Denver International Airport in Colorado (2 MW), Valley Center Municipal Water […]

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As long as we keep pushing technology such as this solar- powered filtration system, I believe we will continue to accomplish our goals in rebuilding Iraq.

Abbas Hassan
Chief Engineer, Nahywan, Iraq Water Treatment Facility