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The Mobile MaxPure® (MMP) is a fully integrated, turnkey solar solution designed to pump, purify and desalinate water, and can provide auxiliary power and communications. The MMP is a mobile, self-powered, off-grid system that does not require a connection to the electric grid nor a constant supply of diesel fuel. Key features include: Water purification […]

Mobile MaxPure® Series 2 – Solar Powered Water Purification Systems WorldWater’s flagship product, Mobile MaxPure®, but in a lighter and more compact footprint! This sleeker version of Mobile MaxPure (MMP) is solar-powered, stand-alone and easy to use. Designed to pump, filter, purify and desalinate water, as well as provide energy and communications, the system utilizes […]

The Mobile Max™ and Mobile MaxPower™ are highly mobile, off-grid solutions designed to pump water and provide auxiliary power for farming and remote operations. These platforms do not require a connection to the electric grid nor a supply of diesel fuel. These systems are fully integrated, turnkey solutions that are immediately operational after arriving on-site. […]

Prepositioned Expeditionary Assistance Kits
Solar-Hybrid Electrification & Purification System

This solar powered wastewater treatment system will be provided in two (2) 20-foot containers. There will be tertiary treatment to allow the treated water to be returned to the environment, used for non-portable uses, or potentially potable water.

WorldWater designed, supplied and installed a 52 kW solar array with its proprietary VariMaxTM pumping technology. The system is used for testing purposes and to teach students about solar electricity.

WorldWater completed the design, engineering and supply of roof-top, ground-mount and covered parking structure solar arrays for the facility’s 500 kW system. The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA), a wastewater treatment plant located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, has become a showcase for renewable energy. “We are rapidly nearing our goals of installing and utilizing […]

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I do see this product as an important intermediate measure that if used correctly can have a significant impact in the provision of drinking water to tens of thousands (of people).

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