Installation: 2011

Two (2) of WorldWater’s Mobile MaxPure® systems are being installed in Afghanistan as part of USAID’s Regional Afghan Program for Urban Populations/South (RAMP-UP/SOUTH) Project.

RAMP-UP South works with six provincial capitals in southern Afghanistan to improve municipal government capacity, service delivery, economic development, and revenue generation through public-private partnerships that support local financial independence and security. The goal is to provide Afghan citizens with an experience of improved government service, understanding the responsibilities of municipal leaders, and assuming an active role in municipal decision-making.

The MMPs directly support this project by giving Afghan municipalities the capability to provide their citizens with a reliable source of clean water and renewable power, which will also result in increased health and economic benefits as well.

Our Clients

Now, rather than viewing the water filters as an NGO-owned and operated initiative, the local
government officials have taken ownership of the project, and are taking responsibility for the long-term use and success of the filters.

Kyle Adams
Public Relations, Humanitarian International Services Group

CGI Middle East & Africa Commitment to Action