WWST offers our exclusive patented technologies to pump huge volumes of water, driving pumps of 600+ hp, or as small as ½ hp – using only sunshine


Founded by Quentin T. Kelly, WorldWater has been involved in bringing solar power and water solutions to people for over 30 years.


Our stand-alone solar infrastructure delivers clean water & reliable power where traditional sources are unavailable.


WorldWater provides its expertise in water purification and power generation across a variety of industrial applications.

Disaster Relief & Preparedness Solutions

Here is just one example of our involvement in disaster relief efforts around the globe: The vast majority of Puerto Ricans outside of San Juan still deal with contaminated water and power outages as it has been exactly one year since Hurricane Maria desolated the island.  During that time, WorldWater & Solar Technologies has sent multiple SHEPS™ and Mobile MaxPure™ units to Puerto Rico to help in the restoration process.  This touching video shows the destruction from Hurricane Maria along with WorldWater & Solar Technologies assisting Puerto Ricans, but more importantly, the video gives the viewer a better understanding from the local’s perspective of what they have been dealing with and what truly needs to be done to replace the broken infrastructure and economy.

Segment from the documentary “Worldwater Puerto Rico”, courtesy of TCIFILMS

The Mobile MaxPure™ can purify any dirty water source via solar technology


Agribusiness Irrigation, Commercial & Industrial Applications & Water Management

Egypt irrigation


WorldWater engineered and executed a project for two off-grid solar water pumping irrigation systems in the Sahara Desert.  After the success of the pilot program, seven more of our VariMax™ systems were installed.  Additionally, two of WorldWater’s Mobile MaxPure™ systems were installed in Afghanistan as part of a USAID project.

Solar Pumps


WorldWater is continually expanding and creating new sustainable and economical tools for agribusiness, water management, security, development and other applications. It is a premier developer of products for the United States Department of Defense and other government agencies.


SHEPS™ is a solar-hybrid powered, stand alone water pump, purifier and desalinator, as well as power generator built into rugged, rolling portable cases.  Fully operational in minutes.  Environmentally friendly, quiet and pollution-free.


Active on 5 continents and in over 30 countries, WorldWater & Solar Technologies continues its global success.

Thousands of jobs available by operating your own Water-As-A-Service Business. Our Quench Water & Solar business opportunity brings clean water for drinking to the billions of people around the world who do not have access to clean water.

Saving lives, improving health for others while you are making a substantial income, & building a business that is quite empowering & financially rewarding; this is what our Quench division offers:

Contact us for all the information you need to get started:||+1 609 212 9845 m

Globe Water & Solar is a women-owned, women-run business offering clean water and clean power to those in need around the world.

Globe’s solutions are the WorldWater & Solar & Quench Water & Solar’s complete product & service line. From our proprietary technology for large & small scale solar irrigation, to localized & mobile solar water purification, – Globe Water & Solar has the capabilities to enhance crop production, provide safe clean water for drinking while empowering women and children to operate their own businesses.

This avoids all the related high costs & consequences of having to walk many kilometers & miles on a daily basis just to fetch contaminated water.

Globe’s Water-As-A-Business creates life-changing empowerment for those responsible for acquiring water for families and communities, especially in frontier developing countries.

Reach out to us and let’s see how we can help as we have for millions around the globe.

Sales Representative – Amb. (Ret.) Lange Schermerhorn|

Yashoda Zole, who lives in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, says her vote is going to be determined by one thing only – and that is accessibility of water.

Video by Anagha Pathak and Piyush Nagpal


From late December leading into the new year Puerto Rico, mainly the southwest part of the island wa...

You can provide water to those in need and help change the world


WorldWater offers a complete suite of support services to meet customer requirements.