4 Reasons to Get Off the Power Grid

4 Reasons to Get Off the Power Grid

4 Reasons to Get Off the Power Grid – When it comes to powering our homes, most of us rely on the national grid, but off-grid solar energy offers the opportunity to be self-sufficient, eco-friendly and, most of all, safe and secure in the event of a disaster.

Micro-grids are freestanding units that are separated from the national grid, with their own interdependent power stations, so they’re not dependent on massive power plants or lines, the way most households and businesses are, including those with ordinary solar power.

Joseph Mangum, owner of Sunnyside Solar in Brattleboro traveled to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, where nearly everyone on the island was left without power – because the majority of them were on one interconnected grid.

Mangum helped set up brand new independent power systems in Puerto Rico, and now believes more than ever that everyone would benefit from being proactive and setting themselves up with independent solar power.

Here are four reasons to consider installing solar micro-grids.

1. If Disaster Strikes, You’re Covered

Moving your water, lighting and refrigerator to a back-up panel system could make a world of difference if the national grid goes down due to a hurricane or other natural disaster.

“Isolating these circuits means if the entire grid goes down around you, then you’re there with power. You have a working water pump,” Mangum says. “I think you can make it through anything that’s going on if you have lights, water and fresh food. At the end of the day, that’s what we need more than anything.”

2. It’s a Win For the Environment, Too

Going solar is also a chance to go green. Because you’re producing power from the sun, you’re helping reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. So while you’re setting up for safety and security, you’re also helping protect the planet from climate change.

3. You’ll Gain Peace of Mind

Even if there’s no disaster on the horizon, with your own independent solar energy system, you can rest easy knowing you’re prepared when one arrives. You won’t just be able to keep your lights on and your water flowing – you’ll also have a way to keep your cell phone charged so you can communicate and get help if you need it.

“What is the value of peace of mind and security?” Mangum says. “Is there a real cost to have peace of mind? Knowing you can feed your family and have clean water – is there really a price of that?”

4. You’ll Be More Self-Reliant and Self-Sufficient

Once you’ve set up solar micro-grids, you’re less dependent on the massive national grid and major power plants. If everyone else loses power, you’ll continue to rely on your own resources.

June 21st, 2018 – SentinelSource.com