Savings, Reliability and Efficiencies


The utilization of solar power provides reliable and economical solutions to drive large-scale and small-scale irrigation. By employing WorldWater’s proprietary technology and solar power, agribusinesses, farms and ranches will realize cost savings when compared to grid and diesel-fueled systems.


WorldWater’s proprietary VariMax™ solar technology decreases electricity budgets, increases reliability and drives overall efficiencies for agribusinesses.

Capabilities include:
  • Demand reduction strategies in which electricity usage can be reduced by 5% to 30% by scaling back motor loads without compromising system stability, resulting in better negotiated rates from electric utilities
  • In the event of daytime power outages, a grid disconnect feature that enables the solar system to continue providing power, including working seamlessly with backup generation systems, including diesel generators
  • The ability to drive large-scale pumps and motors up to and greater than 250 horsepower directly from solar power
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WorldWater provides a highly experienced technical team with the unique ability to blend the electrical, structural and hydraulic aspects of a solar water pumping system into a cost effective and robust design package.

WorldWater provides the design, engineering, procurement and commissioning of a solar array to include our proprietary VariMaxTM technology to drive efficiency improvements in the interconnection between solar energy and a pumping system.

Mobile Pumping farming Solutions

The Mobile Max™ and Mobile MaxPower™ are highly mobile, off-grid solutions designed to pump water and provide auxiliary power for farming and remote operations. These platforms do not require a connection to the electric grid nor a supply of diesel fuel.

These systems are fully integrated, turnkey solutions that are immediately operational after arriving on-site. There are no component parts to integrate, nor any wiring to manage upon arrival.

They may be used individually or as part of a cooperative on a daily basis. They are easily operable and require little or no maintenance over a 25-year estimated life.

These systems deliver a significant economic payback and greatly increase reliability for farmers worldwide.