Clean Water for Aid & Development

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Clean Water for Aid & Development

WorldWater’s stand-alone solar infrastructure delivers clean water and reliable power where traditional sources are not readily available.
Clean Water for Darfur, Sudan
Fresh Water For Local Villages In Iraq

The Mobile MaxPure™ delivers clean drinking water and power to remote areas and villages that have little or no access to traditional infrastructure.

The Mobile MaxPure™ provides immediate water and power to those who need it most at the lowest cost (less than one penny per gallon from fresh water sources).

The integrated solar array and embedded battery bank generates enough power for continuous operation. Approximately one-half of the generated power is used to purify freshwater, brackish or seawater sources, while approximately one-half of the generated power may be used for auxiliary needs (such as power to run tools, lights and computers).

The Mobile MaxPure™ promotes increased health through the reduction of water related illnesses, reductions in local pollution from conventional sources of energy and capacity building for the local community through a growing knowledge of clean water, renewable energy and a clean environment. The system also leads to increased food security by providing clean water for irrigation and livestock.