BBC Story Highlights Mobile MaxPure in Haiti

Bon Repos gets Clean Water

BBC Story Highlights Mobile MaxPure in Haiti

On Sunday, April 2, 2010 the BBC news ran a story on the America’s Front Page section of their news service highlighting the Mobile MaxPure’s provision of clean water to the people of Haiti in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake.

In the aftermath of the earthquake one of the biggest problems was a shortage of clean, drinkable water.  Fortunately an American company, WorldWater & Solar Technologies, was on hand with a number of solar-powered water pumps and purifiers.

“It was pure serendipity that one of these machines happened to be in Haiti when the earthquake hit,” said Micky Ingles, the firm’s vice president of operations.

As Haiti also faced a shortage of diesel fuel to power generators and pumps, solar-powered equipment came into its own.

Mr Ingles said: “They are capable of producing 30,000 gallons of drinking water a day, which is the equivalent of three truckloads.”

There are now four of the units operating in Haiti and Mr Ingles pointed out another benefit of the pumps: “Unlike the bottled water provided by the big aid operations, they do not generate any trash.”

Mobile MaxPure’s provision of water to the people of Haiti continues to this day.  Click here To read the full article.

In addition to Mobile MaxPure, the article discusses the good work being accomplished by The Haitian Project, where our VP Operations, Michael Ingles, is a Board Member and has been a volunteer for over 13 years.