CJP says Pakistan may run dry in 2025

CJP says Pakistan may run dry in 2025

KARACHI  :The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has said Pakistan can face severe water shortage by 2025 if necessary preventative measures are not taken immediately.

“There is a need to build new dams and to conserve water, as the country can face severe water shortage by 2025. The situation demands immediate steps,” CJP said on Tuesday. He was addressing foundation stone laying ceremony of the new building of the Supreme Court Karachi Registry.

The CJP said the water crisis in Quetta is aggravating and people might have to migrate from the provincial capital of Balochistan if the situation is not addressed.  However, he said, the water crisis in Karachi is incomprehensible, adding there were mafias operating in the city.

“When we made a commission on water, we came to know that a water mafia exists in the city [Karachi].  We can address the issue with better management. Our eight-month-old initiative is yielding results,” he added.

The top judge who is set to retire in January next year also talked about extraction of groundwater by water marketing firms in Pakistan and said these companies are using as much as seven billion gallon water not including water wastage.

“Very soon tax will be imposed on the water companies that will generate income of Rs1billion per annum. This money will be used for construction of dams in the country.

“We have decided with the consensus of all provincial administrations that this water will have to be purchased [by the companies] and a legal solution is being decided,” he said.

The judge said the country needs a better water management policy apart from building new dams.

Talking about the rapidly increasing population of the country, Justice Nisar said in the next thirty years the country’s population can go up to 450 million. The situation demands immediate institutional reforms in the country.

“We have to control the population to ensure Pakistan’s prosperity and that of our future generations,” he said. The chief justice and Prime Minister Imran Khan hosted a conference on population control on December 5 to highlight the necessity of curbing population growth.

While other South Asian countries like India and Bangladesh have been able to cap their growth in recent year, Pakistan lags behind and its infrastructure suffers as a result.

The CJP has already formed a fund for building the Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand dams. To raise fund for the mega projects the top judge also visited the UK recently.

Judges’ role

The CJP urged judges to play their role in strengthening institutions to provide speedy justice to the countrymen. “Write short verdicts. The system has not collapsed but we are overburdened,” he said.

The top judge said the country will be back on the track and will march towards prosperity if every Pakistani starts loving the homeland as they love their families.

“Steps are being taken in view of growing responsibilities and judicial activities of the apex courts registries in the provinces,” the CJP said.

The judge said fate of the nation can be changed by overcoming the shortcomings.  He said every Pakistani should contribute to the development of the country with utmost sincerity.

He said the role of law is the only way to progress. “The petitioners are disheartened when they do not get justice even after decades. Therefore there is a need to amend laws to ensure speedy justice.”

He also announced to bring historic changes in 1886 police laws, adding that police reforms will be unveiled in January 2019.

December 11th, 2018 – The Express Tribune