Utility Scale Solar Parks

Large Scale Solar Platforms

Utility Scale Solar Parks

WorldWater has a proven track record of design and build success with large-scale solar platforms for commercial applications and water agencies.
Valley Center Water District

WorldWater’s executives and engineers have designed and built grid-connected, off-grid and hybrid systems, including the world’s largest airport solar installation (August 2008) at Denver International Airport in Colorado (2 MW), Valley Center Municipal Water District in California (1.1 MW), Cerra Coso College in California (2 MW) and Atlantic County Utilities Authority in New Jersey (500 kW).

Cerra Coso Community College (CA)

WorldWater’s proprietary VariMax™ solar technology decreases system budgets, increases system reliability and drives overall efficiencies for commercial applications and water agencies.

VariMax™ System capabilities include:
  • Demand reduction strategies in which systems can be reduced in power by 5% to 30% by scaling back motor loads without compromising system stability, resulting in better negotiated rates from electric utilities
  • In the event of daytime power outages, a grid disconnect feature that enables our solar system to continue providing power, including working seamlessly with other back up generation systems, including diesel generators
  • The ability to drive large-scale pumps and motors up to and greater than 250 horsepower directly from solar power