Darfur, Sudan

Success Stories

Darfur, Sudan

The Mobile Max Pure™ systems from WorldWater are doing the impossible in Sudan; saving lives and bringing hope to broken communities.

Displaced persons living in camps all over the world suffer from lack of basic necessities, as do many people in less developed nations. According to the World Health Organization, a child under 5 years old dies every 6 seconds due to lack of access to clean drinking water.

Darfur Sudan

As part of a project, two NGOs sought to bring clean drinking water to the enormous number of people living in IDP camps in Darfur and to selected villages without access to clean drinking water. Thirst No More and Humanitarian International Service Group proceeded to install Mobile MaxPure™ (MMP) units, which they had identified as the most economical and reliable solution to bringing clean water to these effected people.

The systems provide clean drinking water from polluted freshwater sources for about one penny per gallon in the first year and fractions of a penny annually thereafter.

The one unit we placed in Nyala Town is having a BIG impact in stemming the spread of Cholera in Sudan. – JoJo Copenhaver, NGO operating in Darfur

Clean Water for Darfur, Sudan