Defense & Security

Sustainability and Operational Flexibility

Defense & Security

Stand-Alone solar platforms to provide water, clean power and satellite communications are ready to be introduced and deployed.
Transporting Mobile MaxPure to Military Base

Water is the first requirement to sustain the soldier. There are no legacy systems to provide (pump and purify) water that are stand-alone and leave no footprint. WorldWater’s systems are field tested and have quickly established a track record of success.

Systems powered by electricity are tied to the grid by a transmission line with limited geographical reach. Systems powered by fossil fuel are tethered to the oil depot by a convoy of fuel tanks, with risks to life and security.

Modern militaries need and require stand-alone water provisioning systems for operations and reconstruction and alternative sources of energy to power additional systems – lower risk, easier to maintain and better value for the tax dollar.

The WorldWater & Solar Technologies water purification systems are able to draw water from a variety of sources such as wells, lakes, seas and rivers, and transform it into safe water for drinking and other tasks.

Mobile MaxPure(R) in Harsh Environments

Reduce convoys and improve speed and accuracy of the Expeditionary Logistics Chain end-to-end. WorldWater systems have been used by the US military to increase operational and command flexibility and create allies by providing local nationals with energy and portable water.