Caribbean Disaster Response & Emergency Preparedness

Solar Powered Drinking Water Systems & Electricity

Caribbean Disaster Response & Emergency Preparedness

WorldWater’s stand-alone infrastructure is pre-deployable for the provision of critical needs and reduces the logistical burden of requiring a constant supply of bottled water and fuel.
WorldWater Solar Disaster Response
WorldWater Solar Disaster Response
Segment from the documentary “Worldwater Puerto Rico”, courtesy of TCIFILMS
Segment from the documentary “Worldwater Puerto Rico”, courtesy of TCIFILMS

WorldWater’s transportable solar platforms deliver clean water, reliable power and satellite communications where alternate sources are not readily available or the local infrastructure is compromised.

WorldWater’s stand alone systems, specifically the Mobile MaxPure have been  deployed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and two more systems shipped to Japan in response to the devastating earthquake. They were deployed in the vicinity of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant and provided relief in the form of clean drinking water and reliable power.

  • Fully operational solar drinking water systems & electricity
  • Less than $.01/Liter. (Compare with cost of bottled water)
  • Set up immediately after arrival onsite
  • No gasoline, diesel or external power source required
  • Medical devices, laptops, cell phones etc. can be properly charged using reliable power offered from the products solar power capabilities
  • Military Tough – Withstands harshest winds and floods
  • Immediate infrastructure replacing or aiding infrastructure that has been damaged or is inoperable
  • Reduces demands on limited State and Local recovery resources
  • Pre-deployable infrastructure to disaster-prone areas for immediate post-disaster operation and provision of critical water and power
  • Environmentally friendly, quiet and pollution-free operation
  • Proprietary and patented technology
  • Ability to store for future events
  • If water purification unit is bypassed, Mobile MaxPure unit is able to pump 70,000 – 100,000 gpd for flood dewatering or irrigation
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Hurricane Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico cutting off power to the majority of the island as the electrical grid was destroyed.  Additionally, the water infrastructure was compromised and most of the locals could not obtain potable water.  WorldWater & Solar Technologies delivered multiple Mobile MaxPure™ and SHEPS™ units to the island to provide instant power and clean water to those in need.

One year since Hurricane Maria decimated the island, WorldWater still brings aid to the Puerto Rico, specifically in Yabucoa.  Their Mobile MaxPure™ system is currently deployed offering water to locals that still do not consistently have clean drinking water on a daily basis.

Broken pipes and water mains still cause a problem for water to be available on a consistent basis, additionally the quality of water is affected negatively.  The infrastructure was already in need of a complete overhaul and following Hurricane Maria, the infrastructure and power grids are still being restored but only fixed not replaced with  new, higher quality solutions.  Locals outside of San Juan, in the mountains of the island and smaller areas are still lining up at spigots every morning, waiting to obtain their water in customized containers.

mmp in PR
ppl water PR

Our first system was deployed in Waveland, Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It provided sustained relief to the community and first responders for more than seven months.

Disaster Response with USAID in Haiti

Emergency aid was immediately sent to Haiti after the horrific earthquake the island sustained.  Since then, six Mobile MaxPure™ units have been deployed there to supply immediate power and purified water to areas requesting the resources.

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