Mobile Max/Max Power™ FAQ’s

Mobile Max/Max Power™ FAQ’s

What is the primary difference between the Mobile MaxPure™, the Mobile Max™, and the Mobile MaxPower™?

The Mobile MaxPure™ is a solar powered water purification unit comprised of a 7 ft cube containing a 3.4 kW folding solar array and an embedded 31kWh gel battery bank. The primary purpose of the Mobile MaxPure™ is to pump and purify existing water sources to make potable water. It accomplishes this by using both filtration and ultra violet light for fresh water applications or reverse osmosis and filtration for salt water applications.


The Mobile MaxPure™ also has the ability to produce 3kW of supplementary AC power. An optional communications package and customized flatbed trailer for transportation are available.


The Mobile Max™ is a trailer mounted solar power system comprised of a 1.7kW fixed solar array hard mounted to the trailer. The standard Mobile Max™ unit comes with an integrated pumping controller and 1 HP submersible pump and is used to pump water directly from solar power during daylight hours only.


The Mobile MaxPower™ includes everything that the Mobile Max™ includes with the addition of a 3 kW 120VAC inverter and an embedded 20kWh battery bank. An AC/DC load center, charge controller, and 12 VDC power supply are also included. The inverter and batteries allow for nighttime pumping and power use.

What are the key trailer specifications for the Mobile Max™ and Mobile MaxPower™ units

The trailer a flat decked design measuring 18 feet long by 7 feet 2 inches wide. Being less than 8 feet wide means the trailer can fit into a shipping container (either 40 feet x 8 feet wide, or 20 feet x 8 feet wide).


The trailer is rated at 7000 GVW. It has tandem axles with electric brakes on each axle. Full technical specs are available if needed.

What pre-deployment site preparation is required prior to operation?

The unit should be placed on a solid, level surface. This may be directly on the ground or on a concrete pad, depending on your site conditions. Ideally, the deployment location is no more than 50’ from the water source and the solar panel should be facing towards the sun. Wheels should be chocked to prevent accidental trailer movement.

What type of batteries are in the Mobile MaxPower™?

There is a 20 kWh battery bank consisting of sealed, gelled electrolyte, batteries. Since they are sealed, they are “maintenance-free,” they cannot leak battery acid, and no fumes are produced. They are certified as “non spill-able and non-hazardous” and can be shipped by air without special packaging containers.

How long will the batteries last?

Battery life is a function of several factors: How often the batteries are discharged (less is better); the depth of the discharge (shallow is better than deep discharges); the ambient temperature the batteries operate in; and the number of years in service. The battery manufacturer provides a one year warranty regardless of where the unit is located. Battery packs will need to be replaced on the average of every five years.

What is the warranty for the Mobile Max™ and Mobile MaxPower™ and for the individual components?

The unit is warranted for one year (365 days) from date of shipment for defects in manufacturing or components. Once the unit leaves the WorldWater loading dock, any damage that might be incurred during transportation is the responsibility of the purchaser. The unit is packed securely.

Pass-through warranties from some of the component manufacturers are: Batteries are warranted for one year. Charge controller, inverter/charger, and system controller are warranted for two years. The solar panels have a 25 year design life.

Does the end user need to purchase anything else in order to make the units operational?

No. All necessary items are included, either installed on the unit or provided by WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc..

In addition, the unit is tested at the factory as a total system with the batteries, pumps and electronics, completely assembled. The only onsite assembly is plugging the extension cord from the submersible pump into proper receptacle on the unit and attaching the hoses.

Typically within 15 to 30 minutes after positioning the Mobile Max™ or Mobile MaxPower™ near the water source, the unit is operational.

What maintenance is necessary for optimal operation of the Mobile Max™ and Mobile MaxPower™?

Regular cleaning of solar panels to remove dust and debris will allow batteries to be optimally charged at all times. During high wind events the trailer should be anchored or stowed in a protected area.

What safety features are incorporated into the Mobile Max™ and Mobile MaxPower™ systems?

The Mobile Max™ and Mobile MaxPower™ provide for electrically protected circuits to prevent accidental short circuits or over current draw from damaging the system.

Are the Mobile Max™ and Mobile MaxPower™ systems waterproof and rugged enough to last in adverse conditions?

All electronics are marine grade and sealed from the elements. The trailer is of heavy duty construction and is able to be towed on non paved surfaces.

Are there any environmental conditions that would prohibit operation of the units?

If high winds are encountered (above 60 mph) the trailer should be anchored or stowed in a protected location. The Mobile Max™ and the Mobile MaxPower™ should not be used for water operations in sub freezing temperatures.


If the unit is to be stored in below freezing environments the entire water system must be drained and dried. Operation at latitudes higher than 40O will result in less than optimum collection of solar irradiation.

Will the glass on the solar panels break?

The solar array is rated for up to one inch hail stones. It is unlikely that a solar panel would suffer breakage during normal operating conditions. Glass breakage in solar panels used worldwide in mobile applications is extremely rare.


If the glass does break the panels will still be producing solar electricity, though at a reduced efficiency. Damaged solar panels should be replaced to allow the unit to operate at peak efficiency. Replacement panels are available for purchase from WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc.

Will the Mobile Max™ and Mobile MaxPower™ perform on cloudy days?

Yes. Even on cloudy days there is a significant amount of solar energy collected by the solar array.

Additionally, the on-board battery storage on the Mobile MaxPower™ provides for night-time water pumping and a power source.

Does the solar array have to be constantly angled towards the sun?

No. When the unit is first positioned, it should be placed so the solar array is facing south when north of the equator, and facing north when south of the equator. Once set, the array needs no further adjustment.

Is it safe to run computers and sensitive electronic devices with the electricity from the Mobile MaxPower™?

Yes. The inverter system generates a pure sine wave which is ideal for powering critical electronic devices.

Is it safe to operate higher current devices such as power tools and floodlights from the Mobile MaxPower™ AC load center?

Yes. The 3 kW inverter, coupled with the 20 kWh battery bank, can provide 25 amps of current at 120 VAC for powering saws, air compressors, power tools, and other electrical appliances.