What exactly are the main features relating to the SHEPS™ unit?

Main features include having the capability of purifying fresh, brackish and saltwater using the given solar power provided, diesel generators are capable of adding additional power.  These decontamination options depend on the level of contamination located in the area of water you are concerned about.

What are the primary differences between the SHEPS™ unit and the Mobile MaxPure™ and Mobile MaxClear™?

The SHEPS™ dimensions, weight, flow rate, components, mobility, power available are all drastically lesser than the Mobile MaxPure™ and Mobile MaxClear™.

What pre-deployment site preparation is required prior to operation?

The SHEPS™ must be placed on a solid, level surface. This may be directly on the ground or on a concrete pad, depending on your site conditions. Ideally, the deployment location is no more than 25’ from the water source. The water source should be tested to ensure sufficient flow and to identify the contaminants present.

How much solar power is offered with the SHEPS™ unit?

Four (4) 120 watt foldable, high efficiency crystalline solar modules are offered.  They are rugged, water and weather proof.

Is there any battery options available for extended usage with the SHEPS™ unit?

An optional lithium ion battery with the capacity of 3 kWh of integrated battery storage is available.  The battery is  DOT approved for transport.

How long will the batteries last?

Battery life is a function of several factors: How often the batteries are discharged (less is better); the depth of the discharge (shallow is better than deep discharges); the ambient temperature the batteries operate in; and the number of years in service. The battery manufacturer provides a one year warranty regardless of where the unit is located. Battery packs will need to be replaced on the average of every five years.

What is the warranty for the SHEPS™ and for the individual components?

The unit is warranted for one year (365 days) from date of shipment for defects in manufacturing or components. Once the unit leaves the WorldWater loading dock, any damage that might be incurred during transportation is the responsibility of the purchaser. The unit is packed securely.

Pass-through warranties from some of the component manufacturers are: Batteries are warranted for one year. Charge controller, inverter/charger, and system controller are warranted for two years. The solar panels have a 25 year design life.

Does the end user need to purchase anything else in order to make the units operational?

No. All necessary items are included, either installed on the unit or provided by WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc..

In addition, the unit is tested at the factory as a total system with the batteries, pumps and electronics, completely assembled. The only onsite actions needed is to purge the system before use to to flush out remaining contaminants and water in the system.

Typically within 15 minutes after positioning the SHEPS™ near the water source, the unit is operational.

What maintenance is necessary for optimal operation of the SHEPS™ unit?

Regular cleaning of the solar panels to remove dust and debris will allow batteries to be optimally charged at all times and increase efficiency but overall the system is self-reliable.

What safety features are incorporated into the SHEPS™ unit?

There are none, the system is very simply constructed and user friendly.

Is the SHEPS™ system waterproof and rugged enough to last in severe weather conditions?

The SHEPS™ unit are housed in a shock proof, water resistant, water proof, rugged rolling plastic case with an extended handle for easier mobility.  All water equipment is corrosion resistant plastic or stainless steel.

Are there any environmental conditions that would prohibit operation of the units?

If the unit is to be stored in below freezing environments the entire water system must be drained and dried. Operation at latitudes higher than 400 will result in less than optimum collection of solar irradiation.

Is the SHEPS™ unit permitted as checked baggage?

The system is designed to be permitted as checked baggage.

What colors are available with the SHEPS™ unit?

Rugged black color only offered

Is only sunshine needed to purifiy water? What about diesel fuel or other external power sources?

Only sunshine is needed.

In one hour, how much water can be purified using the SHEPS™ unit?

There are many factors relating to the process of purifying water, time of day or location for example.  The SHEPS™ unit on average, can purify around 60 gallons (227 liters) per hour dealing with freshwater.  The unit can purify 18-20 gallons (68 liters) per hour relating to brackish water or seawater.

Does the solar array have to be constantly angled towards the sun?

No. When the unit is first positioned, it should be placed so the solar array is facing south when north of the equator, and facing north when south of the equator. Once set, the array needs no further adjustment.

What is the weight of the unit?

70 lbs. (32 kg)

What are the dimensions of the SHEPS™ unit?

32”x 22”x 16” (81 x 56 x 40 cm)

If there are any problems with the components like filters, are you able to replace that component?

WorldWater & Solar Technologies is capable of replacing a damaged component.  Simply call our office for assistance.

Will the solar panels break?

All solar panels are capable of breaking, to increase durability and less change of fracturing the solar panels are rugged, flexible, foldable and sewed into a nylon backing.