Solar Pumping Station™ FAQ’s

Solar Pumping Station™ FAQ’s

What is the primary difference between the Solar Pumping Station™ and other products WorldWater & Solar has to offer?

The Solar Pumping Station’s™ main purpose is to pressurize and distribute water accordingly, the other water purification systems, Mobile MaxClear™, Mobile MaxPure™ and SHEPS™ systems purify water along with distribution.

Dimensions, weight, cost and components differ relating to functionality.

What are the pumping capabilities of the Solar Pumping Station™?

The system allows for 15-hour daily availability of on-demand pressurized water with a flow rate of 10 GPM at 40 PSI.

Can the Solar Pumping Station™ purify water?

Yes upon request, the system is capable of using  reverse osmosis water treatment.

What are the weight and dimensions of the Solar Pumping Station™?

The Solar Pumping Station™ approximate weight is 2500 lbs. (1134 kg)

External dimensions: 8 ft. long x 9 ft. wide x 15 ft. high (2.4m x 2.7m x 4.5m)


What pre-deployment site preparation is required prior to operating the Solar Pumping Station™?

A water source needs to be located for extraction.  Additionally the fixed solar axis needs to be facing the proper direction regarding geological location.

Does the solar array have to be constantly angled towards the sun?

No. The system does not have to be consistently positioned towards the sun but the array should be angled according to geological location. The solar array should be set facing south in the northern hemisphere and typically north in the southern hemisphere.

Can the system output be expanded?

Yes system output can be expanded by adding individual modular units, which can operate in a series or parallel to meet a wide variety of demands.

Are batteries included in the Solar Pumping Station™?

Yes they are maintenance free and come standard

How long will the batteries last?

Battery life is a function of several factors: How often the batteries are discharged (less is better); the depth of the discharge (shallow is better than deep discharges); the ambient temperature the batteries operate in; and the number of years in service. The battery manufacturer provides a one year warranty regardless of where the unit is located. Battery packs will need to be replaced on the average of every five years.

The Solar Pumping Station™ daily battery lifespan is 15 hours of support.

What is the warranty for the Solar Pumping Station™ and individual components?

The unit is warranted for one year (365 days) from date of shipment for any manufacturer or component defects. Once the unit leaves the WorldWater loading dock, any damage that might be incurred during transportation is the responsibility of the purchaser. The unit is packed securely.

Pass-through warranties from some of the component manufacturers are: Batteries are warranted for one year. Charge controller, inverter/charger, and system controller are warranted for two years. The solar panels have a 25 year design life.

Does the end user need to purchase anything else in order to make the Solar Pumping Station™ operational?

No. All necessary items are included and installed properly in the Solar Pumping Station™ upon arrival on site location.

In addition, the unit is tested at the factory as a total system with the batteries, filters, pumps and electronics, completely assembled.

Does the Solar Pumping Station™ only function off-grid or can be connected to a grid?

The Solar Pumping Station™ has grid tide capability, a generator input converter box comes standard for allowance of additional power.

Is the Solar Pumping Station™ weatherproof and rugged enough to last in adverse conditions?

The external frame is comprised of corrosion resistant aluminum, they are rugged, and designed to withstand ocean front environmental conditions.  The solar array and external frame is weatherproof, in the event of a major storm, hurricane, natural disaster or for general transportation purposes the array is detachable and can be stored internally.

Are there any environmental conditions that would prohibit operation of the Solar Pumping Station™?

There are some conditions that would limit operation of the Solar Pumping Station™. If high winds are encountered (above 60 mph) the solar array should be stowed. The Solar Pumping Station™ can operating in below freezing conditions but extracting water at that temperature could be problematic.

Will the glass on the solar panels break?

The solar array is rated against breakage for the impact of up to one inch hail stones. It is unlikely that a solar panel would suffer breakage during normal operating conditions. Glass breakage in solar panels used worldwide in mobile applications is extremely rare.

If the glass does break the panels will still be producing solar electricity, though at a reduced efficiency. Damaged solar panels should be replaced to allow the unit to operate at peak efficiency. Replacement panels are available for purchase from WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc.

Does the Solar Pumping Station™ perform on cloudy days?

Yes. Even on cloudy days there is a significant amount of solar energy collected by the Solar Pumping Station Solar array™.

Can the Solar Pumping Station™ be moved if needed?

Yes each container transports as a self-contained compact cube that is capable of being transported by use of a forklift or sling.  The fixed solar array is detachable and stored internally when transported.