World Water Disaster Relief Foundation

WorldWater Disaster Relief

The World Water Disaster Relief Foundation was established in 2009 to assist regions affected by natural disasters. WWST has initiated donation and delivery of Mobile MaxPure systems in the past for Katrina, Haiti, and as seen below, Japan. WWST intends to be there when help is needed most. Please check back in for future causes and consider any donation, large or small. Thank you.

Japan Tsunami


WorldWater’s thoughts and well wishes were with the people of Japan and other nations affected by the earthquake and tsunami that caused great damage and loss of life in that region of the world.

With your help, we sent Mobile MaxPure® systems to Japan to help provide clean drinking water to the survivors, power for command centers and recovery tools, and provide water pumping capabilities to help pump out the flood zones.

We are committed in these efforts, and will provide updates via Facebook and Twitter, so that you will see first hand how your contributions are helping the lives of thousands.

Sponsor a MaxPure, MiDAS or SHEPS Water Filtration System

Fully sponsor a unit and bring water to thousands in need. Each Mobile MaxPure®, MiDAS, or SHEPS system takes less than 30 days from order to shipment.

Simply Contact Us for wire transfer instructions or give us a call at 609.356.0372.