Immediate Distributed Infrastructure Serving the World

Immediate Distributed Infrastructure Serving the World

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The lack of clean, potable water is a growing problem worldwide. Only 3% of the water available on Earth is freshwater. Advancements in reverse osmosis (RO) mitigate problems caused by increasing demand for clean water and decreasing supply. RO can increase the freshwater supply by desalinating saltwater.

While large RO plants are being built worldwide, these plants and their distribution networks are costly, and they are impractical in areas without reliable grids and cheap energy. WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc.’s (WWST) approach is different. Using solar power and providing
distributed, village-­sized infrastructure solutions, WWST has developed the Mobile MaxPure®.

Mobile MaxPure® (MMP) solves power availability problems by using solar energy and storing electricity in an embedded battery bank. Each MMP can desalinate up to 15.1 m³ (4,000 gallons) of water each day, rain or shine (freshwater purification up to 113.5 m³/day [30,000 gallons] is also available). As a village-­sized solution, the MMP meets the needs of remote villages more effectively and economically than do most large-­scale RO plants.

MMP is immediate, distributed infrastructure that solves the problem of power availability and enables a range of compelling applications to be operated. In addition to water purification and RO, the MMP can power satellite communications, lights, tools, and appliances.

WWST has shipped and deployed systems around the world, including areas in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti. Clean water – and power – is now available for human consumption (increasing health and productivity), land reclamation, agriculture, and industry thanks to the self-contained, self-­powered RO systems and water purification provided by the MMPs.

Economically efficent, even for poverty-­stricken areas, the MMP creates potable water for fractions of a penny per gallon, making it the world’s lowest cost water delivery system. Eliminating the need for external fuel or power, the MMP is a viable and sustainable solution worldwide.

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