Irrigation Solutions Meet the Needs of Family Farms

Irrigation Solutions Meet the Needs of Family Farms

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WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc. (WWST) is a leader in solar powered water pumping solutions. WWST is the leading supplier of large-scale irrigation systems made viable using solar power thanks to their patented technology. The VariMax™ Drive provides an energy balance and appropriation of power to operate motors up to 1,000 HP from the sun alone.

This patented technology is incorporated in a range of WWST product solutions from small scale, easy to use 3.3 kW solar platforms capable of pumping 100,000 gallons of water daily to multi-megawatt irrigation systems. WWST irrigation designs and technologies are employed in pivot, flood and drip irrigation to name a few agricultural applications.

By employing solar power, farms and ranches will realize cost savings when compared to grid and diesel-fueled systems. Solar provides reliable energy, compared to the scarcity of diesel and brown-outs, black-outs and costly expansion of grid tied systems that plague agriculturalists worldwide.

To date, WWST staff successfully completed solar-powered irrigation projects in California and New Jersey, USA and is designing projects in Egypt and elsewhere. WWST also has experience designing and building solar electricity farms, powering international airports, convention centers, municipal buildings, water treatment facilities and more.

Quentin T. Kelly, WWST CEO, says “The use of solar power as a reliable and economical means of irrigation will help agriculturalists, provide food security worldwide, and provide a sustainable solution for our planet. Our products range in size from 100,000 gallons of daily pumping to thousands of gallons per minute, providing a ready, economical and reliable solution to the family farmers as well as agro-industrialists.”

In addition to water pumping, WWST provides mobile, field-proven distributed power, potable water and communications infrastructure with an installed base across the world. These systems are used for development, humanitarian and military missions, disaster relief and commercial activities.

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