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Lehr Brothers

WorldWater sized the solar power system (119 kW) to offset the on-site electrical usage charges for the compressor and other equipment.
Lehr solar hydracooler system
Lehr Bros.' Big L Packers 119 kW Solar PV array

The Lehr Brothers run a food processing facility near Bakersfield, CA. The Lehr solar hydracooler system operates a 350 hP compressor.

WorldWater is saving us over $30,000 per year in our power bill.”

Ronald Lehr, Sr.

Here in the San Joaquin Valley, we can’t afford to be without a reliable source of power. And with the solar power that we generate in the off-season, our monthly energy costs are approaching zero.

Peter Belluomini, Farming Manager, Lehr Brothers, Inc., President, Kern County Farm Bureau