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Locke Farm

The Locke’s VariMax™ system supplies power to run a 50 hP irrigation pump and a 10 hP well pump. It is also tied to the electrical supply for the shop and main residence.
Locke Farm 50 HP pump

The Locke family runs a high-end cotton operation in the fertile San Joaquin Valley.

The installation was completed in December, 2002. The 38 kW PV array generates an average of 179 kWh of electricity per day, which can either be used in combination with the electric grid or, in the event of a grid outage, can power the irrigation pump to ensure ad3eqauate irrigation on hot, dry days.

An excellent system that has exceeded all our expectations. I would build it again in a minute.

Gary Martin, D.T. Locke Ranch Owner/Manager

The VariMax™ is performing fabulously! Today, the grid went down…the array was automatically redirected to the VariMax™ and the irrigation pump ran powered strictly by the sun.

Mari Locke Martin

Locke Farm, CA