Mobile MaxPure System Arrives in Haiti

Mobile MaxPure System Arrives in Haiti

This past weekend the Mobile MaxPure system sponsored by United Water and Rahway, NJ arrived in Haiti.  After several days of working tirelessly through import and aid paperwork the system was offloaded from the Sea Hunter Vessel on to a small wooden craft by local Haitians in Les Cayes and transported to land.

The people were so happy to have this life saving machine, their help in transporting the system from the carrier ship to the land was invaluable.  Many thanks to the captain and crew of the Sea Hunter who graciously carried the system from Miami to Haiti, and to the local Haitians who brought the system through the last leg of its journey so that it can begin providing life saving water and reliable power to people who so desperately need it.

MMP being unloaded from Sea Hunter in Les Cayes, Haiti

MMP being transferred from Sea Hunter to wooden boat to make the journey across the bay, Les Cayes, Haiti

MMP being transported across Les Cayes bay by locals on its way to installation in Bon Repos, Haiti