WorldWater Presents Solar Platform with Integrated Water Purification

WorldWater Presents Solar Platform with Integrated Water Purification

Published in: Arab Water World

WorldWater & Solar Technologies’ (WWST) flagship product, Mobile Max-Pure® (MMP) provides immediate, distributed infrastructure; potable water and power for commercial, humanitarian, disaster response, development and military applications. To date, the company has shipped 60 systems for deployment including areas in Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur and Haiti.

Lack of infrastructure to supply reliable and ready availability of power and clean water in remote areas and in post-disaster scenarios creates both a public health hazard as well as a barrier to security, economic independence and development. The MMP solves the problem of power by using solar energy and storing the electricity in an embedded battery bank. With the problem of reliable power solved as soon as the new system arrives on site, compelling applications can be operated including water purification, desalination and reverse osmosis, satellite communications, lights and electric appliances.

The utilization of the new system and the ability it offers to balance solar power to run water purification sets it apart from the rest. Operational anywhere, anytime the MMP can be providing power, water, communications as an immediate, distributed 3-way utility within 30 minutes after arriving on site, providing critical, immediate infrastructure day and night. The new system can create potable water from virtually any water source including saline sources. Additionally, the technology has been designed to be scalable, with the ability to operate as a standalone unit or in series to meet demands of volume.

Economically efficient even for poverty-stricken areas, this system creates potable water for fractions of a penny per gallon, making it the lowest cost water delivery system in the world. Eliminating the need for external fuel or power, the new technology is a viable solution anywhere in the world, even the most remote areas.

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