New Mobile MaxClear™ Unit Released

New Mobile MaxClear™ Unit Released

(New Mobile MaxClear™ Unit Released) –WorldWater™ & Solar Technologies (WWST), America’s longest continuing solar systems company, announces today the release of next generation Mobile MaxClear™ (MMC) solar-powered water purification system. The newly launched MMC unit features increased solar power performance and storage capacities.

Envisioned with the goal of offering instantaneous, stand- alone water and power infrastructure within minutes of arrival on site, the MMC system is ideal for providing fast relief during humanitarian crises and natural disasters; encouraging disaster preparedness and emergency response; supporting water and power needs in remote areas of the world; and provisioning life-saving technology for developing countries to provide clean, safe water for drinking and agricultural uses.

“Our team of engineers have produced these new MMC units in response to an urgent market demand for this unique water purification system, which can be deployed to remote corners of the world and provide instant relief,” said Quentin Kelly, Chair and CEO of WWST.

Capable of providing clean drinking water within 15 minutes of arrival on site, the MMC is also easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport. The MMC system is housed in a fully-enclosed custom trailer platform for greatest mobility. The newly added unit includes a 720 watt total solar array, 2 batteries offering 5.4kWh storage capacity, a high efficiency MPPT solar charge controller, and additional features for converting solar energy to power ports and USB connections for charging small electric devices, including cell phones.

WWST’s MMC units are pending on the US General Services Administration (GSA) government approved list. Running entirely on solar power, the system pumps and purifies an average of 37,000 liters, or 10,000 gallons, of water per day. Offering superior performance without the need for gasoline, diesel, or any external power source besides sunlight, the MMC offers an environmentally safe solution to providing clean drinking water for a fraction of $0.01 per liter.

(April 26th, 2018 – Princeton, New Jersey – EIN PRESSWIRE)