NPR’s 51% interviews GlobeWater & Solar and James Leitner

NPR’s 51% interviews GlobeWater & Solar and James Leitner

WAMC’s 51% , a Northeast Public Radio series, speaks with Globewater & Solar’s Executive Director, Carolyn Colella, and “A Man Who Walks for Women and Water”, James Leitner.

Allison Dunne’s introduction of the interview:

“On this week’s 51%, we take a look at women and water, and hear from the young man who walks, sometimes runs, miles and miles to raise awareness about women and water. Plus, we meet one of just two female police chiefs in Vermont, and a playwright confronts the fear of aging. I’m Allison Dunne and this is 51%.

After completing 12 marathons in 12 months carrying 45 pounds of water, New Jersey native James Leitner began another type of journey in the name of raising awareness of the millions of women and children that have to walk carrying large cans of water for several miles daily, and how providing access to clean water can improve their lives.  In May, Leitner embarked on a more than 3,200-mile trek across the U.S. to continue his mission of bringing clean water to millions worldwide. This mileage is the same distance someone in Tanzania would have to walk in the course of a year to get water. His trek aims to raise money for clean water projects in Tanzania, to help the Philadelphia Serengeti Alliance, with donations going toward repairing wells and training communities in a certain region of Tanzania how to maintain the wells. Leitner says his motivation to focus on clean water, and women and water, was sparked while doing research for a high school assignment. I caught up with him during the beginning of his trek, as he walked and talked. Also speaking is Carolyn Colella, Founder and Executive Director of GlobeWater & Solar Technologies.”

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