ONE-ON-ONE| FOX45 sits down with Ray Lewis in Puerto Rico

ONE-ON-ONE| FOX45 sits down with Ray Lewis in Puerto Rico

PUERTO RICO (WBFF) – From a black and purple jersey, to a gold jacket. We’ve watched Ray Lewis tackle and dance his way into the pro football Hall of Fame.

“You’re sitting now with what we call football heaven and for me to do that in a city that football was taken away from, in a city that we don’t have a logo, colors, no brand. To build that, to start that, to be that guy forever remembered, it’s a very humbling thing,” Lewis says.

Megan Gilliland sat down for a one on one interview with Lewis in Puerto Rico as he begins that next chapter of creating his legacy. His Power 52 Foundation is now partnering with World Water Foundation to bring clean water to the people of Puerto Rico.

Lewis says, “You walk in these villages, they don’t have water they don’t have electricity they are a part of the U.S. The question for me, is not why I’m here but why not.”

We watched as they installed the first of what they hope will be 800 water purification units, each one capable of purifying 4-thousand gallons a day.

“My mom will smile greater now. We take what we did on the football field and we leverage it for god,” Lewis says.

For more information on World Water Foundations, click here.

Thursday, September 13th, 2018 – WBFF FOX 45 NEWS – by Megan Gilliland