Executive Summary

WorldWater & Solar Technologies
Water – the source of life. Energy – the pulse of life. Together, they determine how we live. I don't believe anything will be more important to all our lives in the 21st century than how, and how well, we handle this source and this pulse, because they are both in crisis mode.

Quentin T. Kelly in “The Environmental Nexus: Where Water and Solar Power Meet” – Aspatore Publications.


Energy, water and food are three principal challenges confronting the world in the 21st Century.  WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc. (WWST) of Princeton NJ has field-proven, advanced technology to offer some of these solutions.

The Company’s patented electronic controls enable solar energy to vastly broaden its commercial reach beyond simply producing electricity – WWST can also drive pumps and motors up to 1000 horsepower by sunshine alone. This means that the company is unique in that it can replace diesel fuel with solar “fuel” to pump water – water and power for irrigation for food, to supply purified-desalinated drinking water to small municipalities, and to move vast amounts of wastewater.

All by sunshine.  And all in minutes, without expensive, time consuming infrastructure.

There are millions of diesel pumps in the world agriculture and municipal water markets. Organizations such as the International Finance Corp. (IFC) of the World Bank and many Governments are budgeting large sums to displace diesel fuel with renewable energy, mainly solar.  But WWST is the only company already in the field internationally driving the large motors and pumps, particularly over 30 hp.

This proprietary capability puts WWST at the top of the demand list for the addressable market emerging of billions of dollars for exchanging solar for diesel.

As background for what this means in global agriculture, the world population is expected to grow from 7 billion to 9 billion by the year 2050, calling for 70% more food production over 2009 levels (100% more food production in the developing world).  Distributed power will play 1000 emerging nations and off-grid in developed nations (replacing diesel) – along with the attendant increase in water and pumping requirements for irrigation. Intelligent management and technology supply for this burgeoning power/water/food nexus represents one of the largest business opportunities around the world for decades to come.

Through its own research and experience of its engineers and executives over more than 25 years, along with deep research into UN, World Bank and other international and government agency publications, the National Geological Survey and others,  the Company has knowledge of crucial facts regarding natural resources and energy accessibility in many countries which will play a major role in their future business development: for example, with regard to placement of irrigation or purification pumps in specific countries, WWST knowledge includes the wide disparities of water availability, depths and reserves in adjoining countries, anticipated years to depletion, power sources and  requirements (grid, diesel and solar), competing fuel use, grid electricity availability, price variability etc..

The United Nations annually celebrates World Water Day and announced that its current theme is to focus on the nexus of water and energy. The IEA (International Energy Agency) wrote that “our policies reflect the fact that energy and water are fundamentally intertwined.”  (World Energy Outlook, 7/11/13). Forbes said, “…it is becoming increasingly clear that we cannot plan for our planet’s future if we do not consider energy and water together.” (forbes.com/energy).  Forbes added, referencing the energy-water-food nexus, “…to manage growing populations and the demands on all three resources…we’re looking at some big challenges – but also some incredible opportunities.”

WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc., through its advanced technology and experience, can make serious inroads into the problems of energy, water and food facing our planet now and in the future.


WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc.  of  Princeton NJ USA (“WWST” or “the Company”) is an international Project Developer focusing on use of its proprietary, patented solar and water engineering technology and products. Among its 5 patents, the Company’s electronic control devices enable it to drive pumps and motors up to 1000 horse power for irrigation of hundreds of acres or to supply purified water from standalone, portable systems for drinking water for thousands of people daily – all from solar power alone.

The Company was organized as of February, 2009 to meet the topical needs of water for irrigation and drinking and renewable energy worldwide.  While there are a multitude of companies that deliver renewable energy, including solar, and those that provide purification and delivery of water, no other company has either a history of innovation or record of proven products to deliver large volume irrigation solutions and potable water powered solely by the sun, anywhere in the world.

The Company Business Plan focuses on two general client areas to deploy its technologies and products:  (I) Commercial Solar and Solar Platforms for Agriculture, Industry and Municipal Water  (II) Standalone Drinking Water Supply.

The economic impact on WWST from successful development of these two areas makes the Company a major player among world suppliers of water – and WATER is generally recognized as the most crucial, irreplaceable commodity of the 21st Century. It is anticipated by the UN that 40% of the global population (2 Billion people) will be without access to fresh water by the year 2025. WWST and its technology can do something about that – with great impact in particular for emerging nations of the world.

WorldWater is unique and preeminent in that it:

  1. Has focused primarily on the serving the vacuum where water and solar power interconnect.
  2. Is dedicated to providing off-grid, solar-driven large scale irrigation and clean drinking anywhere in the world, from US metropolitan areas to remote villages and deserts of Africa, Asia, and South America.
  3. Has demonstrated a diverse global reach – the U.S., Iraq, Egypt, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Darfur, Haiti,…
  4. Has demonstrated field proven operation in trying situations – using solar energy to deliver water to U.S. Marines and villagers in the Tigris and Euphrates valleys in Iraq to the residents and first responders affected by Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi and the earthquake in Haiti.
  5. Has delivered irrigation solutions with solar drives and pumps for farmers in the Egyptian desert to the largest solar irrigation system in the world in Borrego Springs, CA (1,000 foot well, 1000 gallons per minutes, 400 acres).
  6. Has delivered large scale solar solutions for diverse applications, including the Denver International Airport.

Mr. Quentin T. Kelly is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WWST, organized as a private Chapter C Company, incorporated in Delaware, USA.  WorldWater is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, where its principal technology was developed in conjunction with Princeton University scientists and engineers.

WorldWater has also assembled a team of engineers and key personnel who were integral to the development and deployment of the Company’s patented solar platforms for solar and irrigation solutions.


In pursuit of solutions to solar power and water, the Company has developed certain enabling technologies and IP to meet the needs for a market well recognized.  The IP is captured in the following patents that connect solar power to clean drinking and irrigation water:

Bias Controlled DC to AC Converter and Systems (08/14/2001)   US 6,275,403

The first patent enabled WorldWater to break through the generally accepted 5 horsepower limit on solar pumping systems to operate systems up to 1000 horsepower. Other solar pumping systems were limited to 5 horsepower because they had not successfully developed such a power control system capable of adapting to the wide fluctuations of power above that level generated by the solar array.

The power used by a motor must continually be adjusted to extract the maximum energy from a solar installation because of constantly changing atmospheric conditions.  WorldWater’s design uniquely provides this matching by making software and hardware changes to customize standard industrial Variable Frequency Drives.  Without these customized changes, solar power, because it is constantly varying – up and down – will not provide stable operation of the motor, possibly damaging and in some cases burning it out.

WorldWater’s design provides on-going maximum power by continually changing motor speed to match the constantly varying solar power so that motor faults will not occur.  Our design compensates for the loss (or increase) of solar power, for example, by continuously sampling the solar array voltage and reducing (or increasing) the speed of the motor to match change in solar power.

Switchable Multiple Source Power Supply (06/24/2003)  US 6,583,522

The second patent enables automatic switching technology that can sense a loss of grid power and transfer all of the solar power directly over to the pump/motor within a fraction of a second.  This allows the system to continue to operate directly with solar power without interruption.

Under normal circumstances, the solar system will be exporting (“selling”) power to the electric utility and the pump operates with grid power.  Net metering laws generally require that electric companies give credit for exported power at the current selling price.  The interconnection rules require that in the event of grid failure, the solar system should automatically disconnect itself from the grid, so that a line maintenance worker working on the electrical lines is not harmed by power exported to the grid by the solar system.

The WorldWater & Solar Technologies switching technology is unique in that it complies with this requirement closing off all power to the grid while at the same time transferring the solar power directly to the load (motor/pump).

AC-DC Hybrid Power Circuits (12/05/2006)   US 7,145,265

The third patent is a hybrid power system which has two voltage sources, a variable DC power source and a second power source connected to a common node.  The variable DC power source may be a solar power source and the second source may be an AC grid.  The selection components, e.g. blocking diodes, SCRs, or relays, allow one or both of the sources to be connected to the node depending on the voltages produced by the sources.  A variable speed drive and load may be connected to the node.  Through preselected voltage levels, seamless power sharing of the DC or solar source and the AC grid source is accomplished.

Maximum Power Point Motor Control (12/12/2006)   

The fourth patent provides a means of controlling motor speed as a function of available solar array power.  The motor drive is controlled by software, implemented either by programmable features as part of a variable speed drive or separate programmable devices connected to the drive, to track power as a function of source power.   The software controlled drive samples the array voltage at preset intervals and changes the frequency of the AC motor to track available solar array power.

This design enables solar energy to drive large AC motors by using variable frequency drives capable of operating large pumps and motors, but customizing them with our patented software.  The operation of the motor using the variable frequency drive also brings additional benefits by eliminating the surge power needed to start large motors.  This reduces the peak electricity demand, thereby reducing the demand side of the bill.  The variable frequency drive also improves the motor power factor, increasing the electrical efficiency of the motor.

Solar Direct-Drive for Irrigation (6/4/2013) patent application number US 14/291,715

Solar power is utilized to both pump water to and operate a pivot, drip, sprinkler, or other irrigation system.  The direct-drive water pumping and pivot or other irrigation system addresses both the variable speed requirements of the water pump motor and the flow requirements of the pivot or other irrigation system.  The solar array also provides the electrical power to drive the wheels of the pivot irrigation apparatus to move the apparatus.

These patents collectively allow for smart management of power, water and irrigation systems for farms and agribusinesses.  Our solutions are unique and proprietary in providing such features as;

  • Control of pumping operations through speed and demand management to reduce energy and demand costs
  • Operational totally off- grid or in conjunction with the grid
  • Back-up power supply and continuous operation during daytime power outages
  • Proprietary and programmable variable frequency drives with the ability to directly power pumps up to 1000 horsepower, on or off – grid
  • Real-time intelligent water monitoring and irrigation control



The Company Business Plan focuses on two general client areas or market segments to deploy its technologies and products:  (I) Commercial Solar Solutions and Solar Platforms for Water for Agriculture, Industry and Municipal Water, (II) Standalone Solutions Drinking Water.   The Company also has an engineering unit supplying services and design optimization to large manufacturers and developers of large solar parks internationally.


 A member of the Moroccan Royal Family is a Shareholder and Partner  of the newly formed WorldWater & Solar Technologies – Morocco company. The Moroccan Government has recently announced plans for 1000 MegaWatts of solar electricity for near term installation by the Government, along with solar water pumping and purifying applications.

Egypt and the MENA Region:

WorldWater has embarked on a major solar irrigation program starting with agribusinesses in Egypt and a plan to extend to all of Middle East and North Africa (MENA region).  In partnership with an Egyptian company, WWST successfully executed in 2013 a pilot project for a large farm holding in Bahareya, Egypt, some 180 miles southwest of Cairo in the Sahara Desert.  The project was a 120 acre desert farm irrigated by a 40HP pump that has been converted from diesel power to solar power.  The solar array drives the pump and generates electricity for the adjoining buildings through our proprietary and patented technology.  (This is WWST’s unique operating capability. Other solar pump companies are currently limited to operating less than 30 HP pumping capacity in off-grid locales). WWST has now implemented 7 new solar- driven irrigation projects in the same desert region, irrigating nearly 1000 acres.

There is an expressed interest in an additional 55 similar irrigation projects in Egypt covering more than 6,000 acres converting diesel to solar pumps from different agribusiness clients.

There is no way to estimate the size of the addressable market for off-grid solar irrigation in MENA or the rest of the world, particularly in barren desert areas currently without agricultural cultivation.   In Africa alone, 31 million acres of land are currently being irrigated, mainly by diesel pumps. Even a fraction of this number converted to solar pumping, coupled with new pumping on land made arable by WWST’s capabilities, would imply a market size in hundreds of millions to billions of US dollars. With WorldWater’s proprietary technology for off-grid direct drive solar pumping and with the right partnerships established outside of or within countries, we are uniquely positioned to address this market, to turn the desert green and create a veritable “food basket” in the Sahara and Arabian peninsula deserts.

Commercial and Military Products for Infrastructure  Development,  Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief

Over the last three years, WorldWater has designed and built R & D products funded by the National Defense University (NDU) and the Office of the Secretary of Defense for their water and clean power HA/DR operations (Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief). Each of the three new products stems from the Company’s core solar-driven clean water system, the Mobile MaxPure™ (MMP) that provides water and power for communities lacking infrastructure.  Each desalinates and purifies water. They vary in size, form and production capacities from the MMP and, in two cases, carry additional communications capabilities. IP for these products belongs to WWST and each of the systems has far-reaching non-military uses in emerging nations, which the Company intends to promote. These funded products, all developed and ready for volume production,  include PEAK, similar size to MMP (7 cubic feet) but with cellular and satellite communications; MiDAS, a quarter-sized PEAK with pro-rated functions for pumping and purifying water, also with cellular and satellite capability; SHEPS, a suitcase-sized water pumping and purification/desalination system. All three are self-sustaining solar powered units with Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination and purification systems.

WorldWater was requested by and has submitted a proposal to NDU for a solar-driven Wastewater Recovery system applicable for populations of 400 to 1,000 persons. If approved, the Company will develop this system for processing so-called “black water” (sewage) to “gray water” for re-use for all purposes other than drinking. In fact, the Company has the technology to continue the process and to make the “gray’’ water potable. WWST knows that this system could prove invaluable for water and sanitation in villages throughout the world.


The overall sales and marketing model is based on the combination of direct sales and outbound distribution/representation channels around the world.  This model is based on the philosophy that local people are better equipped to both understand the local needs and context, build relationships and make inroads with key local decision makers.  WorldWater supports its representative network with marketing materials, technical assistance and training, customer support, lead generation and sales channels.

Currently, WorldWater’s representative network has a presence in North America, the Middle East (particularly Saudi Arabia and Egypt), Caribbean, South America, Africa, Europe and India.   There are over 25 firms and individuals working with WorldWater to educate, advocate and create sales of stand-alone products, irrigation projects and large-solar projects.

In the support and development of an outbound, global representative and distributor network, hubs of activity are emerging.  WorldWater is developing and supporting regional hubs in a decentralized approach to the sale, service and growth of WWST product and projects.  The hubs will be overseen by WorldWater headquarters in New Jersey but will have the flexibility and knowledge to manufacture and price to market within their region, positioning WorldWater as the local provider of renewable energy and water application solutions with a global impact.  Hubs will be responsible for regional sales and customer support, manufacturing and supply chain logistics.

Marketing efforts have been centered on direct sales to prospects and representative identification and closing.  Additionally, the Company has spent considerable time on outreach to the global community to inform the applicable vertical markets of WorldWater’s commercial and irrigation capabilities.

6. Road Ahead

The mission of WorldWater is to make clean water and power available everywhere in the world through its proprietary solar technology.  WorldWater is a Solar Water Applications Specialist – it develops, designs and builds integrated solar platforms to provide water and power.  These platforms include Stand-Alone Solar Infrastructure to pump, purify and desalinate water, and large-scale Solar Projects for industry, agriculture and  utilities.

WorldWater continues to innovate  new products, enter new markets and partner with well-known global market leaders.