Executive Summary

WorldWater & Solar Technologies
Water – the source of life. Energy – the pulse of life. Together, they determine how we live. I don't believe anything will be more important to all our lives in the 21st century than how, and how well, we handle this source and this pulse, because they are both in crisis mode.

Quentin T. Kelly in “The Environmental Nexus: Where Water and Solar Power Meet” – Aspatore Publications.


WorldWater, the oldest continuous solar company in the US, has patented technologies and innovative infrastructure solutions for tackling resource scarcity by bringing clean water and renewable power to people around the world. The Company offers a portfolio of products and solutions, from multi-megawatt Solar Parks, stand-alone power and water systems—from large-scale irrigation to drinking water—to full scale design, engineering, and installation services. WorldWater has mobilized worldwide to supply power for the Denver International Airport, drinking water in Haiti, large scale irrigation in Egypt, and militaries around the globe.

  • WorldWater has a global footprint in over 20 countries, and maintains strategic relationships in the private, public, and defense sectors. The Company has a 30-year history of innovation and successful commercialization at the nexus of solar power and water technologies.
  • Water, food, and power are the three most critical challenges facing the Earth in the 21st century. Droughts, political instability, and population growth are straining precious freshwater resources, with an ever-present need for technologies that can improve access to and management of water for drinking and crops.
  • Company led initiatives include high profile projects in Egypt, Morocco and Ethiopia. In Egypt our solar powered water pumping project is turning the desert green; in Morocco, WorldWater has partnered with a member of Morocco’s royal family to begin building up to 50 MW of solar parks ($100 million); in Ethiopia, the Company is working with a Saudi land owner to begin building potentially the largest solar irrigation project in the world – 2 million acres, ($30 million)
  • The Company holds five U.S. patents. These patents include core patents for its off-grid and switchable grid-connected solar platforms, which provide the ability to match fluctuating solar power to motor speeds for large-scale pumps and motors, and manage and control solar energy for diverse applications.


WorldWaters’ leadership team has an average 20 years individual experience in the solar industry. Team members have developed projects across the US, worked with customers in over 30 countries, and have over 35 military projects served. The Company develops, designs, builds, and finances a wide range of projects in the US and around the world.

WorldWater continues to innovate  new products, enter new markets and partner with well-known global market leaders.

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