WorldWater Foundation

Innovation and Global Reach

The Power of Water

The obtainment of water may be more important now than ever before due to recent demographic and environmental changes. The purpose of this Foundation is to create avenues in which people can come together to provide clean, drinkable water in areas where it is greatly needed.

WorldWater Foundation and WorldWater & Solar Technologies work together with other humanitarian organizations, as well as philanthropists, to supply communities, towns, villages, municipalities around the world with reliable clean water through their solar water purification systems – The Mobile MaxPure™ and Mobile MaxClear.™


The mission of this foundation is simple: To provide clean water and power to those who need it the most. To expedite the mission, the Foundation will work with other organizations, profitable or non profitable, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, humanitarians etc., to create campaigns aimed at an area in need of drinkable water.  WorldWater Foundation is currently concentrating its campaign efforts in Puerto Rico and Ethiopia. As a result of these clean water systems, locals will not wast most their days locating drinkable water.  Instead they will be able to obtain an education or occupation to better their livelihood and help strengthen their economy.  To Learn more please contact our office at 609-356-0372.