Puerto Rico: Emergency Preparedness, Hazard Mitigation & Sustainability

Mobile MaxPure™ – Promotional Video

WorldWater & Solar Technologies has been developing, designing and building integrated solar and water platforms for over 30 years.  WWST has brought its unique solar energy and water applications expertise to farms, communities, defense organizations and disaster relief areas throughout the U.S., Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Quench Water & Solar is a franchise opportunity where entrepreneurs, anyone has the power to sell clean water and provide reliable power in any communities in need.  Highly profitable, this business opportunity not only helps create jobs, but it helps strengthen remote areas that may be facing high levels of poverty.


Post Hurricane Maria – Puerto Rico

The Mobile MaxPure™ (MMP) is a fully integrated, turnkey solar solution designed to pump, filter, purify, desalinate water, and can provide auxiliary power and communications.  The MMP is a mobile, self-powered, off-grid system that does not require a connection to the electric grid nor a constant supply of diesel fuel, only sunshine is needed.

The Mobile MaxClear™ is a solar-powered, stand-alone system designed to pump, filter, purify water and desalinate water.  The system is mounted on a custom trailer platform for ease of mobility and utilizes WorldWater’s proprietary technology to provide clean drinking water and reliable power anywhere in the world.

Puerto Rico not the same post Hurricane Maria:

It has been estimated that $91.61 billion (2017 USD) in damages have accumulated since Hurricane Maria ravaged the tropical island.  New Estimates: 135,000+ Post-Maria Puerto Ricans Relocated to Stateside.  Following Hurricane Maria, Leptospirosis was becoming an issue with the polluted water.  That problem can be eradicated with the Mobile MaxPure™ or Mobile MaxClear™ units.  Additionally, the Mobile MaxPure™ system has the capability to pump 70 – 100,000 gpd for flood dewatering or irrigation.

Following the devastation from Hurricane Maria, The Los Padres Foundation and the University of Puerto Rico purchased multiple Mobile MaxPure™ units to provide continuous, clean water and power to locals on the island. The solar-driven, reverse osmosis systems will provide long-term benefits to the people of Humacao.

USDA George Washing Carver Center – Solar Array Commissioning

Services were performed by WorldWater & Solar Technologies as part of the commissioning of a 1.6 MW solar array at the George Washington Carver Center of the USDA in Beltsville, Maryland.

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