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Water as a business

As you view this website, billions of people around the world do not have access to life’s most critical needs: Clean Water, Clean Energy.

For more than 30 years, WorldWater & Solar has been providing Clean Water and Clean Energy solutions to millions of people by delivering solar power and clean water to those in need in more than 30 countries around the globe.

Now you can help to improve, positively impact and save lives by providing your own water purification services to these billions of people simply by operating your own business and “do well by doing good” in the world. 

WorldWater™ & Solar’s QUENCH division invites you to be part of our market-leading solution, solving one of the greatest challenges around the Globe:  Access to CLEAN WATER.

UN Agrobusiness and Economic Industry Summit

We are the Industry Leaders with 30 years’ Success in Solar Technologies for Pumping & Purifying Water in over 30 Countries around the globe, and now offering our technologies and solutions to the public and entrepreneurs worldwide.

We encourage you to establish your own business, create your own hours and enjoy your own freedom while SAVING & IMPROVING LIVES of those in need. Perhaps the most rewarding opportunity you’ll find worldwide.

We are the Longest Operating Solar Systems Company in America and we have branched beyond 30 years providing Government Agencies, Countries, and Military organizations worldwide with life’s critical solutions. Now, we are making our special, unique technology,- Solar Powered Water Pumping and Purification Equipment – available to entrepreneurs, job seekers, business opportunity seekers and any organization that sees the tremendous need for what you provide when you become an owner of your own water purification equipment driven by sunshine. You’ll be operating your own purified water vending business.

You’ll be saving lives in real-time. You’ll be positively impacting and changing lives for generations to come.

If you are in search of a gratifying and highly rewarding business that you can operate on your own time, WorldWater & Solar’s QUENCH is your answer.

By Owning Your Own Mobile Solar Powered Water Pumping and Purification Business,

You’ll be solving desperate needs for water that exist in thousands of areas all around the globe.

You’ll be supplying the Worlds’ Number #1 Consumable Product: Purified Water to your Customers and using your own Mobile Solar Powered Water Pumping & Purification Equipment to do so, whenever and wherever you want.

EWG’s Tap Water Database

Since 2010, water utilities’ testing has found pollutants in Americans’ tap water, according a EWG drinking water quality analysis of 30 million state water records.

(∗Note: Database is not affiliated with Quench Water & Solar LLC)

WorldWater & Solar Technologies’ Quench division offers Business Opportunity Seekers the chance to provide life’s essentials – clean solar power and clean water – to those in need and a chance at realizing rapid returns and pay-backs for your investment in as little as 2 months.

Owning your own self-generating Mobile solar power and water pumping, desalination & purification equipment creates an opportunity to earn significant profits.  Financing is available.

With WWST’s Quench, you have the chance to own or lease exclusively in your own territory the mobile solar-powered water pumping, desalination and purification units that can be deployed and positioned almost anywhere, anytime.

From Disaster Relief – Humanitarian Aid, – Sporting Events, – Hotels, – Restaurants, – Resorts, Beaches, – Universities, Schools, – Towns and Cities Worldwide, – thousands upon thousands of areas, millions (perhaps billions) of people globally are in need of clean water for drinking, plus clean, self-generating power.

WWST’s Quench mobile solar powered water pumping and purification units offer this instant infrastructure, fast deployment, mobility and you operate whenever you wish and wherever there is need. We provide endless resources of information where there is critical need for clean water.

Business Opportunity Seekers have the chance to own & control their own businesses serving the vast needs for both clean power and water locally, with substantial rapid return on investment capabilities, as well as fulfilling the needs of global markets for pumping, purifying desalination and irrigation.

With instant infrastructure from self-generating solar power & water desalination and purification, WWST offers life-saving solutions and opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop prosperous solar-powered water businesses.

WWST’s Quench researches and provides water purification and desalination information resources such as municipalities, water information platforms, newsletters and news channels, as well as sales channels for individual business opportunity seekers Internationally.  There are thousands of communities in America, and perhaps millions on other continents that must have this solution in order to survive.  WWST’s Quench division from time to time advertises WWST’s Quench solar water services in appropriate media globally.

Exclusivity rights for our clients include territories and towns or communities determined based on a per-case review.

Investment Paybacks and Return on Investment (ROI) examples for your solar powered water business using WWST equipment are available on request.  Just send us a note and we’ll tell you more!

Low initial cost, rapid payback potential, greatest need worldwide, limitless market.

You can do anything in the world with it, and absolutely NOTHING without it; WATER.

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