Seley Ranches

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Seley Ranches

WorldWater & Solar Technologies completed the worlds largest solar-powered irrigation system at the time of installation.
Seley Ranch Solar System

Seley Ranches is nestled between the Santa Rosa and Palomar Mountains in San Diego County – a premium grower of citrus fruit, known for its trademark “Seley Red” grapefruit.

WorldWater’s installation of the 267 kW PV VariMax™ system is capable of driving a 200 hP pump – making it the largest solar-powered irrigation system in the world at the time.

When I realized that the grid had been cut off and a 200 hP pump, using only the energy from the sun above, was pumping 1,000 gallons of water a minute from a depth of 300 feet…well, that was a very powerful moment.

Jim Seley, Owner, Seley Ranches