Solar Powered Water Purification Systems

Solar Powered Containerized Water Treatment Systems


  • Multi-stage water purification process can purify any source of water, including seawater into potable water
  • Scalable system capable of producing up to 120,000 gallons (454,250 liters) per day
  • System can be paralleled to increase daily water production


Each system includes:

  • Engineering System Design
  • ISO insulated containers with lighting and HVAC for shipping and protection
  • FDA compliant Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes
  • Pre-Treatment System to extend life of RO membrane filters
  • Post-Treatment System to raise water pH
  • Power system with solar array and Lithium-Ion battery storage system
    • Battery storage system will have independent ISO container
    • Solar array can also be dismantled in preparation of hurricanes or other natural disasters for safe storage
    • System can also be grid-tied (power from electric utility)
  • Provision of corrosion resistant shipping containers
  • User manual including installation, operation, troubleshooting and commissioning procedures
  • List of recommended parts and consumables
  • Materials and workmanship warranty of 1 year

Ideal For:

  • Emergency Situations
  • Irrigation Solutions
  • Natural Disaster Hot Spots
  • Mobile Water Treatment
  • Coastal Towns/Villages
  • Resorts
  • Areas with high electricity costs
Container MAX Line Diagram

Select System Sizes

System Flow rate (GPM)
Dialy Volume GDP
Shipping Weight (Lb)
Solar Size (kW)
Li-Ion Batt Size (kWh)
Annual Savings (@ 40.21/kWh)
13 18,720 4,100 152 475 $ 40,000
50 72,000 9.500 475 1,480 $ 125,000
80 115,200 14,000 640 2,255 $ 190,000
Stand-Alone Infrastructure