Low Deck Integrated Transport System – LDITS

Solar Powered Water Purification Systems

WorldWater designs and manufactures a wide range of stand-alone solar infrastructure for defense, security and disaster relief missions. Its fully packaged, portable and transportable solutions provide onsite power, water purification and communications.

Low Deck Integrated Transport System

To help ease logistics and enable transport of these solutions, as well as other equipment in the field, WorldWater & Solar Technologies has developed a trailer specifically designed to transport ISU Containers and 463L pallets.


  • Ability to transport any ISU container with a total packed weight of 5,500 – 7,500 lbs. (2500 – 4300 kg).
  • ISU-30 and ISU-60 containers atop a trailer can be driven directly into and out of ISO shipping containers and military aircraft, reducing logistics burden and the need for field equipment
  • Tested at U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) located at Aberdeen Proving Ground and certified for sling load and rough terrain towing.
  • Trailer protects 463L pallet and ISU Containers from damage during transport.
  • Adaptable to civilian or military vehicles.
  • Available in desert tan or OD green.
Overall Dimensions 172 inches long, 89 inches wide, 63 inches tall (4.4 meters long, 2.2
meters wide, 1.6 meters tall)
Track width 78 inches wide, deck height 28 inches, laden ground clearance 12 inches (Track width 1.9 meters, deck height 0.7 meters, laden ground clearance 0.3 meters.)
WEIGHT: Approx. 1,600 lbs (726 kg) curb weight; max payload capacity is 5,400 lbs
(2,449 kg)
CONSTRUCTION: Welded steel, leaf springs, tandem axles with hydraulic surge brakes, auxiliary hand brakes, military pintle hitch
LIGHTING & TOOLS LED lighting is 12/24 VDC compatible. Comes with spare tire and locking
integrated tool box. Support kit contains jack, wrench, chocks and winch handle and strap. Cargo deck access steps included as standard equipment.


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