Miniature Deployable Assistance System – MiDAS™

Solar Powered Water Purification Systems
MiDAS - Miniature Deployable Assistance System
MiDAS Relief

MiDAS™ is an affordable, self-contained, modular, hybrid-powered system providing portable water purification, communications and situational awareness capabilities. It provides services to small military teams or local responders in support of a wide variety of missions including humanitarian assistance/disaster relief (HA/DR) and operations in remote areas.

MiDAS™ components can be used separately or as part of a system-of-systems designed to be deployed quickly to austere environments where essential services are not immediately available.

Key features include:

  • Water filtration and purification equipment with the capability to produce potable water from freshwater, brackish water and seawater.
  • Reliable, hybrid power for primary MiDAS services (water purification and communications) capable of operating independently or as an integrated kit.
  • Interoperable global communications (voice, text and email) in austere or degraded environments; independent of existing
    communications infrastructure.
  • Access to commercial imagery and locational data on aid personnel, images and voice tracks for time-critical situational awareness and mission planning.
  • Quality assurance and testing prior to shipment
  • Information sharing on threats and/or status (e.g., recovery efforts, local populace, services, environment and infrastructure).
  • The Joint Modular Intermodal Container is a U.S. Military approved light-weight container that provides easy access to container contents, uniform in size, easy to transfer and collapses to reduce space requirements when not in use.
  • Each component is contained within transportable cases and may be transported in a civilian Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or military type HUMVEE. Modularity of the system enables only the components required for the mission to be removed from the container.
MiDAS JMIC Container
MiDAS components 2
OPERATING DIMENSIONS: OPEN Area for deployment of solar array, water purification, communications and container is 400 square feet
TRANSPORT DIMENSIONS: CLOSED JMIC Intermodal Container: 43.75 inches long, 52 inches wide, 43.25 inches high (1.1 meters long, 1.3 meters wide, 1.1 meters high).
WEIGHT: DRY Approx. 762 lbs (345 kg)
CONSTRUCTION: VARIOUS MATERIALS Structural aluminum container; hard shell plastic cases provide storage for all copmonents and equipment
5 SOLAR PANELS: TOTAL WATTAGE Four (4) 120 watt and one (1) 30 watt rugged, flexible, high efficiency crystalline solar modules
1 AUX GENERATOR: TOTAL WATTAGE 2.0 kW generated by Honda EU20000I
BATTERIES: CAPACITY Lithium-ion 2 kWh OASYS System, 24-28V
1 POWER MANAGEMENT: VDC/VAC/kW 24VDC in: selectable output 120/60Hz VAC single phase, 220/50Hz VAC single phase, Up to 1.5 KW peak, 3kW surge power, 415 watts sustained power with 5 hours of solar input; auxiliary generator input and generator are included.
OUTPUT SHEPS (Solar Hybrid Expeditionary Power & Purification) Freshwater purifies up to 60 gallons (227 liters) per hour; multiple levels of filtration, including a screen filter, sediment filter, carbon filter and ultrafiltration. SHEPS RO purifies up to 18 gallons (68 liters) per hour from water with TDS less than 45,000 PPM; includes pre-screen filter and sediment filter.
COMMUNICATIONS SITUATIONAL AWARENESS GVIS (Global Visual Information System). Provides beyond line-of-sight communciation using satellite technology; integrates into existing cell phone network; consists of one (1) laptop with BGAN and five (5)
ruggedized cell phones with satellite uplink


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