Miniature Deployable Assistance System – MiDAS™

Solar Powered Water Purification Systems
MiDAS - Miniature Deployable Assistance System
MiDAS Relief

MiDAS™ is an affordable, self-contained, modular, hybrid-powered system providing portable water purification, communications and situational awareness capabilities. It provides services to small military teams or local responders in support of a wide variety of missions including humanitarian assistance/disaster relief (HA/DR) and operations in remote areas.

MiDAS™ components can be used separately or as part of a system-of-systems designed to be deployed quickly to austere environments where essential services are not immediately available.

Key features include:

  • Water filtration and purification equipment with the capability to produce potable water from freshwater, brackish water and seawater.
  • Reliable, hybrid power for primary MiDAS services (water purification and communications) capable of operating independently or as an integrated kit.
  • Interoperable global communications (voice, text and email) in austere or degraded environments; independent of existing
    communications infrastructure.
  • Access to commercial imagery and locational data on aid personnel, images and voice tracks for time-critical situational awareness and mission planning.
  • Quality assurance and testing prior to shipment
  • Information sharing on threats and/or status (e.g., recovery efforts, local populace, services, environment and infrastructure).
  • The Joint Modular Intermodal Container is a U.S. Military approved light-weight container that provides easy access to container contents, uniform in size, easy to transfer and collapses to reduce space requirements when not in use.
  • Each component is contained within transportable cases and may be transported in a civilian Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or military type HUMVEE. Modularity of the system enables only the components required for the mission to be removed from the container.
OPERATING DIMENSIONS: OPEN Area for deployment of solar array, water purification, communications and container is 400 square feet
TRANSPORT DIMENSIONS: CLOSED JMIC Intermodal Container: 43.75 inches long, 52 inches wide, 43.25 inches high (1.1 meters long, 1.3 meters wide, 1.1 meters high).
WEIGHT: DRY Approx. 762 lbs (345 kg)
CONSTRUCTION: VARIOUS MATERIALS Structural aluminum container; hard shell plastic cases provide storage for all copmonents and equipment
5 SOLAR PANELS: TOTAL WATTAGE Four (4) 120 watt and one (1) 30 watt rugged, flexible, high efficiency crystalline solar modules
1 AUX GENERATOR: TOTAL WATTAGE 2.0 kW generated by Honda EU20000I
BATTERIES: CAPACITY Lithium-ion 2 kWh OASYS System, 24-28V
1 POWER MANAGEMENT: VDC/VAC/kW 24VDC in: selectable output 120/60Hz VAC single phase, 220/50Hz VAC single phase, Up to 1.5 KW peak, 3kW surge power, 415 watts sustained power with 5 hours of solar input; auxiliary generator input and generator are included.
OUTPUT SHEPS (Solar Hybrid Expeditionary Power & Purification) Freshwater purifies up to 60 gallons (227 liters) per hour; multiple levels of filtration, including a screen filter, sediment filter, carbon filter and ultrafiltration. SHEPS RO purifies up to 18 gallons (68 liters) per hour from water with TDS less than 45,000 PPM; includes pre-screen filter and sediment filter.
COMMUNICATIONS SITUATIONAL AWARENESS GVIS (Global Visual Information System). Provides beyond line-of-sight communciation using satellite technology; integrates into existing cell phone network; consists of one (1) laptop with BGAN and five (5)
ruggedized cell phones with satellite uplink


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