Mobile MaxClear™ – MMC™

Solar Powered Water Purification Systems

The Mobile MaxClear™ is a solar-powered, stand-alone system designed to pump, filter, purify water and desalinate water.  The system is mounted on a custom trailer platform for ease of mobility and utilizes WorldWater’s proprietary technology to provide clean drinking water and reliable power anywhere in the world.

Key features include:

  • 900 watt solar array mounted on integrated trailer
  • Provision of an average 37,000 liters (10,000 gallons) of clean drinking water each day for a fraction of $0.01 per liter from wells, rivers, lakes and other sources in as little as five hours of daily sun exposure
  • Reverse osmosis unit capable of purifying up to 3,700 liters (1,000 gallons) of water per day
  • 2 Batteries – 5.4 kWh storage capacity
  • High efficiency MPPT solar charge controller
  • 12V DC power supply with power ports and USB connections for charging small DC devices (phones, laptops, small accessories, lights, etc.)
  • 1000W inverter to operate 110 VAC small AC appliances
  • Water purification system is easy to set up and take down allowing for purified drinking water within 15 minutes of arrival on site
  • Water purifier and solar array are integrated into a 4’x6′ enclosed trailer.  Trailer is DOT approved and is equipped with a military style pintle hitch for ease of towing
  • No gasoline, diesel or external power source (other than the sun) required
  • Environmentally friendly, producing low noise and no pollution during operation
  • Trailer allows for advanced mobility

*Assumes 5 peak-equivalent solar hours; fewer solar hours will result in decreased operating time and output.

Worsening Water Quality Reducing Economic Growth by a Third in Some Countries: World Bank


Stand-Alone Solar Water Purification Kit

Ext. Dimensions: LxWxH Open 17 ft. long x 6.1 ft. wide x 7.2 ft. high (5.2m x 1.8m x 2.1m)
Ext. Dimensions: LxWxH Closed 13.5 ft. long x 6.1 ft. wide x 7.2 ft. high (4.1m x 1.8m x 2.1m)
Weight: Dry Approx. 1350 lbs (612 kg)
Construction: Various Steel, aluminum, welded, bolted
3 Solar Panels: Total Wattage 900 Watts (300 x 3 panels), integrated into trailer
2 Batteries: Capacity 5.4 kWh storage capacity | 8G8D AGM battery bank for nighttime power generation
1 Trailer: Single axle 4’ x 6’ enclosed cargo trailer, rear door, 2000lb Axle, pintle hitch, 175/80D13 tires
1 Pumping System: Current PS600 electronic pump controller with solar/generator input. C-SJ8-5 -D submersible pump and motor unit. 37 cubic meter output at 7 meters head
Purification Package
Freshwater Filtration Avg 10,000 gallons (37,000 liters) per day Biological and sediment contaminated freshwater sources. 3 level filtration comprising sediment, carbon, and ultrafiltration
Brackish Water Filtration Avg 1,200 gallons (4,500 liters) per day 10,000 parts per million of total dissolved solids, biological and sediment contaminated brackish water sources (with generator)
Seawater Filtration Avg 1,000 gallons (3,700 liters) per day 45,000 parts per million of total dissolved solids, biological and sediment contaminated seawater sources (with generator)
Stand-Alone Infrastructure