Prepositioned Expeditionary Assistance Kits™ – PEAK™

Solar Powered Water Purification Systems

PEAK™ (Prepositioned Expeditionary Assistance Kit) is an Aberdeen Proving Grounds tested, self-contained kit with onsite power, water purification and satellite communications capabilities built in to an easy to transport ISU-60 container.

Key features include:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification and desalination to create 1,500 gallons/day of drinking water from virtually any source
  • 2.1 kW solar array with 2 kW auxiliary generator supplies continuous power to operate purification and
    communication capabilities 24-hours/day with additional power generated for other uses. AC / DC electricity available through the Load Center
  • Stand-alone communications enables up to 50 remote users to communicate and share information directly with the PEAK central command base
  • 18 kWh lithium ion battery bank provides power for night time operation
  • Transport by sling load (certified), trailer, international shipping container or air
  • Easy to set up and fully operational within 2 hours. Ships fully charged to enable immediate operability
  • An environmentally friendly system capable of silent and pollution-free operation when using solar power and stored battery energy during operation
  • No gasoline, diesel or external power source (other than the sun) required for operation
  • Optional custom-designed trailer** enables transportability of loaded PEAK + trailer in standard ISO-shipping containers. Adaptable to civilian or military vehicles
PEAK Hondouras
PEAK Hondouras
Operating Dimensions: Open Area for deployment of solar array, water purification, communications and container is 900-square feet. Each antennae site requires and additional 150-foot diameter open space.
Transport Dimensions: Closed 108 inches long, 88 inches wide, 60 inches high (2.7 meters long, 2.2 meters wide, 1.5 meters high)
Weight: Dry Approx. 4880 lbs (2,196 kg)
Construction: Various materials Structural aluminum container with vibration-dampened internal chassis to protect sensitive electronics and equipment
12 Solar Panels: Total Wattage 2.1 kW crystalline solar array
1 Aux Generator: Total Wattage 2.0 kW multi-fuel (diesel, JP-8)
12 Batteries: Capacity Lithium Ion 18 kWh bank (total) subdivided into 3 battery boxes. Data logger shows state of charge (SOC), hours of battery charge remaining, and battery bank status diagnostics.
3 DC/AC Inverters: VDC/VAC/kW 48VDC in: selectable output 120/60Hz VAC single phase, 220/50Hz VAC single phase, 220 VAC three phase. Up to 3kW peak, 6kW surge power, 415 watts sustained power with 5 hours of solar input; aux generator adds to power supply.
2 DC/DC Converter VDC/VDC/A 48 VDC in: selectable output 12 VDC/20A, 24 VDC/40A
1 Charge Controller: Current MPPT, 80A. Data logger indicates solar energy collected, electrical power used by external loads, instantaneous power demand and daily power demand totals.
Water Filtration & RO Up to 1,500 gallons (5,550L) per day Source water purification from same system: fresh/light brackish up to 83 gph; standard seawater (34,000 PPM) up to 62 gph; heavy salt water (50,000 PPM) up to 41 gph. Data logger indicates water quality, filter maintenance, hours of operation and optimizes throughput flow.
Communications Modular – component (qty) Laptop computer (2),2.4/5.5 GHz base (1), 900 MHz base (1), BGAN satellite
terminal (1),900 MHz amplifier (1), smartphone handsets (20), remote site
battery pack and 20A charger (2), 32’ antenna and mast (2).
Stand-Alone Infrastructure