Solar-Hybrid Expeditionary Power & Purification System™ – SHEPS™

Solar Powered Water Purification Systems
Segment from the documentary “Worldwater Puerto Rico”, courtesy of TCIFILMS

SHEPS™ is a solar-powered, stand-alone, user friendly system designed to pump, filter, purify and desalinate water, all from renewable power. The system utilizes proprietary and patented technologies.

Key features include:

  • Man-portable, rolling configuration able to be carried by 1-2 people and transported in a standard SUV or Humvee vehicle
  • Options include one container of direct solar to water purification, with an optional additional container providing solar-charged battery backup, hybrid-power inputs, inverter and power outlets.
  • Total package comes with (4) 120w foldable solar panels and 1.25 kWh of integrated battery storage providing*:
    • 100 watts power for 10+ hours; 1500w peak power; 3kW surge enabled
    • Reverse osmosis water purification producing 18-20 gph of drinking water per hour. Operation from solar provides 6 hours of operation, extended operation kit charged by solar provides 13 hours of run time, and 24 hours of operation is enabled by external power input, or
    • Combination of water and power output
  • Accepts power from integrated solar and / or external sources such as generator, wind or vehicle power to extend the hours of operation
  • No gasoline, diesel or external power source (other than the sun) required
  • AC / DC power available for use with purchase of the extended operation kit
  • Ruggedized – military approved
  • RO system treats water up to 45,000 PPM TDS (seawater)
  • Easy to set up and use; fully operational in under 15 minutes after arrival onsite
  • Case size suitable for carry-on baggage
  • Environmentally friendly, producing low noise and no pollution during operation

*Assumes 5 peak-equivalent solar hours; fewer solar hours will result in decreased operating time and output. Auxiliary generator and vehicle power input is built in to extend operation as needed.

Worsening Water Quality Reducing Economic Growth by a Third in Some Countries: World Bank

sheps battery normal
Battery Storage Option – Philippines

Stand-Alone Solar Water Purification Kit

Ext. dimensions Water purifier kit Transport 32” x 22” x 16” (81x56x40 cm)
Ext. dimensions Water purifier kit Deployed 10-feet x 10-feet (3 x 3 meters)
Weight – Water purifier kit Dry 80 lbs (36 Kg)
4 Solar Panels Folding 120 Watt folding high efficiency crystalline solar modules.
Construction Various materials Equipment is housed in shock proof ruggedized plastic cases. All water equipment is corrosion resistant plastic or stainless steel.
Operating voltage Operates on 24V DC (directly from solar or vehicle), NATO plug compatible.
Water Purification Output Purifies 18 – 20 gallons/hour (76 liters) of water with TDS
Ext. dimensions Power case Transport 16” x 12” x 10” (41 x 30 x 38 cm)
Ext. dimensions Power case Deployed 16” x 12” x 10” (41 x 30 x 38 cm)
Weight – Water purifier kit Dry 80 Lbs (20 kg)
Construction Various materials Equipment is housed in shock proof ruggedized plastic cases.
1 Battery Capacity 1.25 kWh of integrated Li-ion battery storage. DOT certified for transport
1 Inverter VDC/VAC 24 VDC in: 120/60Hz VAC out, 1500W peak, 3kW surge, 100 Watts sustained power for 10 hours on 4 hours daily sun
DC output 24 VDC , 30A max, NATO plug compatible
1 Charge controller Accepts: Solar – MPPT 30A, AC-120/60Hz, DC-24V NATO plug compatible


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