Solar Pumping Station™ – SPS

Solar Powered Water Purification Systems
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Solar Pumping Station

The Solar Pumping Station™ is built into an aluminum ruggedized container with an integrated photovoltaic system, pump controller, batteries and accessories for a complete and operable pressurized water pumping system to provide off-grid pressurized water service for showers, wash stations, irrigation, etc.  This self-contained, self-powered unit provides a scalable, system-based solution to the provision of clean pressurized water in remote sites and areas requiring easy redeployment.  The SPS has flexible power solutions that meet a wide range of project scopes and needs.

Key features include:

  • 1.7 kW solar array
  • integrated pump controller
  • generator input converter box
  • water pressure tank and associated switches and controls
  • 15 kWh battery bank
  • The array, battery bank and pump are capable of providing 15-hour daily availability of on-demand pressurized water with a flow rate of 10 GPM at 40 PSI, even in cloudy weather
  • Multiple transport options with internal skid mounts and forklift pockets on all four sides
  • Operability in less than 60 minutes after arriving on site
  • Scalability – system output can be expanded or reduced by adding or subtracting individual modular units, which can operate parallel to meed a wide variety of demands.  Individual units can be taken off-line without interruption of service
  • Durability – system is housed in a ruggedized aluminum weatherproof container
  • All electrical and mechanical components are marine grade and sealed against the elements
  • Batteries are maintenance free AGM/Gel cells and controls are simplified for easy operation and maintenance
  • Sustainability and Reliability – using the power of the sun, a readily available fuel source, the SPS is reliable and sustainable.  Individual units comprising a larger system can be taken off-line without interruption of service
  • Mobility – Each unit transports as a self-contained, compact 8′ x 9′ x 15′ foot cube that can be deployed quickly using a forklift or sling
  • Solar array is detachable and can be stored internally
  • System can be customized to fit your needs, whether that be water volume output or water filtration and purification
Solar Pumping Station

Stand-Alone Solar Water Purification Kit

Ext. Dimensions: LxWxH Open 8 feet long x 9 feet wide x 15 feet high
Weight: Dry Approx. 2500 lbs (1134 kg)
Construction: Various Aluminum weatherproof container
1 Solar Panel: Total Wattage 1700 Watts, integrated onto container
Batteries: Capacity 15 kWh storage capacity | maintenance free AGM/Gel cells and controls
Flow Rate: 10 GPM at 40 PSI
1 Pumping System: Current High efficiently electronic pump controller with solar/generator input. Submersible pump and motor unit.
Weight Capacity: 2500 lbs. (1134 kg)
Stand-Alone Infrastructure