Solar Projects

WorldWater & Solar Technologies
WorldWater’s principals and engineers have a proven track record of designing and building solar water pumps and purification platforms for agribusiness, water management and other commercial/industrial applications.
Commercial Solar Projects

WorldWater & Solar Technologies  has developed a portfolio of patents on power management and interconnection technology that enables solar energy to drive pumps and motors up to 600 horsepower.


These systems can operate off-grid or in conjunction with the grid or diesel generation. Our unique off-grid solar water pumping expertise has been utilized in farms, ranches, dairies and water agencies across the United States and overseas.


WorldWater’s VariMax™ technology enables users to run high-load applications from solar power in a variety of configurations while realizing maximum productivity and associated cost benefits. These proprietary solar platforms operate automatically, turning on and off every day for irrigating fields, pumping water for livestock or distributing water. They are field-proven to be reliable and hassle-free with no need for regular maintenance.


  • Operation of pumps and motors up to 600 horsepower directly from solar energy
  • Simultaneous on-grid and off-grid system switching capability for reducing peak demand charges
  • Completely automatic and near-instantaneous operation without any interruption in power
  • Reliable backup power supply and continuous operation during daytime power outages, brown-outs and black-outs
  • Seamless integration with diesel generation, batteries or the electric grid
  • On a cloudy day, grid power or other sources automatically supplement solar power
  • Improved pump and motor operating efficiency in off-grid systems
  • Soft start capability leading to increased pump and motor life and decreased service and maintenance costs
  • Comprehensive surface water and well management capability
  • Electricity bill reduction
  • CO2 reduction

Going Solar Cost Benefits



With the price of installation and maintenance costs continuing to decrease, including solar panel technology becoming more efficient each passing year, solar energy is more lucrative now than ever before.  Worldwater & Solar Technologies offers the most current Federal and State incentive information to better assist you on the financial benefits available.

Thinking of going solar? Here is incentive information to better assist you on your decision – Incentive Information.

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina

*Please note the Federal and State information provided is monitored and regulated by the DSIRE® Organization – For a complete listing of all incentives please visit DSIRE® website.

Locke Farm, CA


WorldWater’s VariMax™ technology decreases electricity budgets, increases reliability and drives overall efficiencies.

WorldWater, in partnership with Tri-Ocean Carbon of Egypt, have designed, engineered and are executing a pilot project which involves two of the largest solar powered irrigation systems in Egypt.