From Our Clients...

WorldWater is saving us over $30,000 per year in our power bill.

Ronald Lehr, Sr
Lehr Brothers

WorldWater is an innovative, pioneering company with integrity who has shown us that they will do whatever it takes to complete the project…I would recommend using WorldWater for building and custom designing solar systems to meet the different operation requirements for both water and wastewater districts.

Terry Lyons
General Manager, Idyllwild Water District

We expect next year to be doing between 20,000 acres to 40,000 acres in the desert. We’ll be first converting diesel powered irrigation to solar, and then taking desert land and converting it into arable land. Bear in mind that the Government of Egypt’s plan is to increase the desert farm lands by about 2.5 million acres over the coming five years.

Ahmed Zahran
Business Development, Tri-Ocean Carbon

We are pleased to join with the City of Rahway in this undertaking to add to our own efforts of supplying immediate clean drinking water to the Haitian people. Their need demands all of the resources we can supply.

Robert Iacullo
President, United Water

I do see this product as an important intermediate measure that if used correctly can have a significant impact in the provision of drinking water to tens of thousands (of people).

Douglas Young Smith
Senior Reconstruction Governance Specialist

The water itself is not clean and… the pipes are severly neglected… It is nearly impossible to get chlorine here.. Fuel is also very difficult to get here for the average person.. With those strikes against the local Iraqi, we are helping by providing units like [Mobile MaxPure].

Shaun M. Doheney
Captain, Company Commander, U.S. Marines

The several units we have deployed are doing well. The local leaders downtown are very pleased with the units and the people are very happy that they have drinkable water.

Jason Salazar (Edwin J. Salazar)
Master Sergeant, U.S. Marines

I have seen the Mobile MaxPure system and how it works first hand. [It] is one of the most cost effective ways to meet the demand for clean water around the world. I know that this is the type of sustainable technology the world needs and especially for countries in Africa and other under developed countries.

Vickson Korlewala
President, Liberian Institute of Technology

..this technology will not only transform the way developing countries purify their water but it will also be the catalyst for countries to begin harnessing solar power for other uses! .. I was thoroughly impressed...WorldWater & Solar Technologies has come up with a winning solution to the challenges of contaminated drinking water that affects many countries around the world. This technology will make a tremendous difference in the quality of life for millions of people!

John Hinds

The one unit we placed in Nyala Town is having a BIG impact in stemming the spread of cholera.. which so impressed the Governor he asked to meet with us (which has never before happened with any NGO).

JoJo Copenhaver
Director, Special Projects, Humanitarian International Services Group

The water filtration system is impressive, because it solves both of the main problems we have right now, which is having access to clean water while also having a reliable power source to make the machine work and clean the water.

Abbas Hassan
Chief Engineer, Nahywan, Iraq Water Treatment Facility

It was amazing how much cleaner this water was after it ran through the machine. Clean water is a necessity for good health (as) bad water can be a leading cause of many health problems.

Wayne Terry
Army Specialist, 82nd Airborne Division's 3rd Brigade Combat Team

As long as we keep pushing technology such as this solar- powered filtration system, I believe we will continue to accomplish our goals in rebuilding Iraq.

Abbas Hassan
Chief Engineer, Nahywan, Iraq Water Treatment Facility

The water filtration system uses a series of filters in order to provide clean water to residents living in remote areas of the (Ma'dain) region where clean water is scarce or nonexistent.

Jared N. Gehmann
Private, 82nd Airborne Division's 3rd Brigade Combat Team

The Mobile Max Pure® unit placed in Nyala, South Darfur, had an immediate impact for the 150,000 people living in IDP camps surrounding the town.

Kyle Adams
Public Relations, Humanitarian International Services Group

The Mobile Max Pure systems from World Water are doing the impossible in Sudan; saving lives and bringing hope to broken communities.

Kyle Adams
Public Relations, Humanitarian International Services Group

Now, rather than viewing the water filters as an NGO-owned and operated initiative, the local government officials have taken ownership of the project, and are taking responsibility for the long-term use and success of the filters.

Kyle Adams
Public Relations, Humanitarian International Services Group