The National Park Service Receives Solar Powered Pumping Stations

The National Park Service Receives Solar Powered Pumping Stations


(PRINCETON, NJ – July 19th 2018) – The National Park Service has installed and is currently operating three Solar Pumping Stations™ (SPS) designed and manufactured by WorldWater™ & Solar Technologies, Inc. (WWST), America’s longest continuing solar technology company, at Tom’s Cove Beach on the Assateague Island National Seashore off the Delmarva Peninsula.

This June, WWST sent a team of specialists led by Michael Ingles, Vice President of Operations, to train the National Park Service in the operation and maintenance of the SPS systems. All three units, which are currently providing visitors with pressurized water for showers, will remain in place until the end of the beach season in October.

Eric Sherry, Project Manager and Chief of Maintenance for the Assateague Island National Seashore, says “These solar powered units allow us to utilize a renewable energy source to provide facilities in a location where otherwise would not be possible.”

The National Park Service commissioned WWST to design and manufacture the proprietary technology to fill a need for a highly mobile, durable pressurized water source, which could power their shower stations during the beach season. Housed in ruggedized containers made from corrosion resistant aluminum, the SPS systems are designed to endure in even the most difficult, saltwater environments. Says Sherry, “The units have been built to withstand the environmental conditions of an ocean beach,” he added, “they can be loaded on a truck and moved to safety in the event of a storm.”

Running entirely off of reliable, renewable, and sustainable solar energy, the SPS systems retrieve fresh water from a 100-foot well on the island. The units provide 24-hour, customizable access to pressurized water thanks to a15 kWh battery bank and a built-in timer.

The SPS system offers flexible power and water solutions for a wide range of project scopes and needs. It can provide any location off the grid with pressurized water within 60 minutes of arrival on site. In addition to providing campgrounds, beach sites, and other recreational areas with pressurized water, these units can be used for agricultural and emergency or disaster
preparedness situations, such as drip irrigation or fire safety. These SPS systems are carried on the national GSA Schedule (Government Services Administration).

“I’m very proud of the work our team has done to innovate these units,” said Quentin T. Kelly, Chair and CEO of WWST. “We thank the National Parks Service for the opportunity.”

Solar Pumping Station outside