WorldWater & Solar Technologies Names David Hammes Vice President, Sales and Marketing

WorldWater & Solar Technologies Names David Hammes Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Princeton, N.J. – WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc. (WWST), America’s longest continuing solar technology company, announced today that David Hammes has been named Vice President, Sales and Marketing, for the international engineering company.

“David brings 20 years of extensive experience in clean energy,” said Quentin T. Kelly, Chair and CEO of WWST. “He is an expert in the field, unique with broad knowledge of solar product sales, manufacturing and energy savings.”

WWST engineers and installs commercial and industrial solar parks generating MegaWatts of electricity. It employs cutting-edge solar solutions to replace diesel generators and drive large pumps for irrigation or for municipal water systems – solar technology for pumping, purifying, and desalinating water.

Hammes, one of several new staff additions to WWST, will be responsible for creating corporate sales and market strategy, spearheading business development and supporting WWST’s branding as an international leader in proprietary solar engineering and clean water solutions. He will work closely with WWST’s international partners, including governmental and business leaders, to continue to expand the reach and impact of WWST’s technology.

Welcoming and commending his addition to the WWST team, Dr. Chris Sherring, COO, says, “At a time when WorldWater and Solar is experiencing strong demand in so many regions both internationally and domestically, David is a welcome complement to our long-standing expertise providing energy security, preparedness and resilience worldwide.”

Before joining WWST, Hammes was CEO of Energy Without Borders, an energy efficiency company he founded, and, earlier, head of sales in the Americas for Mage Solar modules, the German manufacturer.

In addition to operating in the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean, WWST has recently opened offices in Saudi Arabia and Morocco and is active in Egypt, Ghana, Namibia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka..

About WorldWater & Solar Technologies (WWST)

Since 1984, WorldWater has provided global solutions for solar electric power and clean water delivery. WWST’s patented solar-powered systems provide commercial and industrial PV electric power and pumping from lakes, rivers and deep wells for irrigation and purified water supply. The company also produces and installs stand-alone, mobile water filtration technologies that convert sea water and pump and purify up to 30,000 gallons per day of contaminated water for drinking and cooking.

(December 13, 2017 – Business Wire)