WorldWater & Solar Technologies, First to Provide Clean Water in Haiti

WorldWater & Solar Technologies, First to Provide Clean Water in Haiti

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Jan 23, 2010 (Close-Up Media via COMTEX) — WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc. said that it has learned that its solar Mobile MaxPure water pumping and purification system was the first and for many hours after the earthquake the only purification equipment operating, supplying clean drinking water to thousands in Port-au-Prince.

In a release, the Company noted that there was no electricity and essentially no diesel fuel for other systems.

After pulling the Mobile MaxPure unit out from the rubble of a collapsed building, WorldWater said that the French Red Cross and the company’s distributor moved it to the International Red Cross (IFRC) base, where it began immediately pumping and purifying 30,000 gallons per day for distribution across Port-au-Prince by tankers of the American, French, German, Spanish, Belgian and other Red Cross services. It is estimated by the WorldWater distributor, Patrick Brun, that more than 100 nationalities of aid workers have continued using the Mobile MaxPure for water supply.

In addition to clean water, the Mobile Max is also supplying 3.3 kW of electric power and has the capability for operating a satellite communications system.

To aid the relief and recovery efforts in Haiti, WorldWater said that it has initiated a campaign “WorldWater for Haiti” and has created a separate non-profit entity where donations may be made starting tonight to help send more solar powered purification systems to Haiti.

WorldWater & Solar Technologies is a private company specializing in proprietary solar-driven water pumping and purification systems.

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